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I will request the Doctors to share their experience with Autism (ASD), as I am stuck up with two cases of ASD, despite all my efforts. All the classical symptoms of ASD are present in both the cases. Could not get any PQR..any lead.. Almost 2 months has past no improvement seen.

Medicines prescribed Helium 10M, Tarentula hisp 0/6, Aspartam1M, as per general symptoms. Only one medicine was prescribed at a time.

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here are some good reference links:

autism, brain, vaccinations

Thanks for the leads.

Dear Dr Sushil

We have not heard from you in a very long time. Really missing you. Please watch the archived show with Fran Sheffield.

Thank you Debby.

Research Suggests Prenatal Carnitine Supplementation Could Help Prevent Some Cases of Autism

An article in Cell Reports reveals the finding of a potential role for carnitine as a prenatal supplement to protect against autism in unborn children.*

Carnitine, found in meat and other foods, is also manufactured in the body from the amino acid lysine. Research has shown that inherited mutations in a gene (TMLHE) required for carnitine synthesis are associated with development of autism spectrum disorders, yet the mechanism supporting the relationship had not been established.
By utilizing technology that allows tracking of individual neural stem cells in a developing brain, Zhigang Xie, PhD, and colleagues observed that cells that fail to produce carnitine are depleted. However, this phenomenon is prevented when the neural stem cells are supplied with carnitine.

“Here we have indications, at least for some types of autism risk, that a dietary carnitine prevention method might be effective,” Dr. Xie stated.

Editor’s Note: “We suggest that genetic screening of prospective parents for TMLHE mutations, coupled with inclusion of carnitine as a dietary supplement upon initial diagnosis of pregnancy, promises mental health benefits for newborns otherwise at significant risk for developmental brain disorders,” the authors conclude.
Reference *Cell Reports. 2016 Jan 28.


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