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In Organon, we see when two dissimilar diseases meet together and when they are of equal strength they unite to form a Complex Disease. In the case of Two Similar Diseases meeting together Dr.Hahnemann talks about Double Complex diseases. What is the similarity or difference between them?

Dear doctors & friends,
Please post your opinions on this question, as it is very essential to understand both of them in Clinical Practice.

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A bit complicated.


Hahnemann talks of complex diseases in §40 Organon, which are composed of dissimilar diseases.

In case of similar diseases, however, the stronger disease annihilates the weaker similar disease according to § 26  Organon- this constitutes the natural law of healing.

I would be interested to know where Hahnemann wrote that "In the case of Two Similar Diseases meeting together Dr.Hahnemann talks about Double Complex diseases."


well... in §44 Organon is written that SIMILAR diseases CANNOT form a double, complex disease as they cannot exist together in the same organism, neither can they suspend or complicate each other 


Dear Schutt,
As Dr.Rajneesh said, it is explained in 44th aphorism of Organon. In that he said they never form a double complicated disease, as like that of the complex diseases incase of dissimilar diseases.
Hahnemann said the newly coming disease is the stronger one which will cure the older weaker disease when it meets together.
But my point is how one can assess that the newly coming disease can be said as the stonger one......???
I agree that two similar diseases with one stronger and one weaker cannot exist together.
But how can one say that the newly coming disease will be the stronger one and it removes the older one.....
Thank you Dr.Rajneesh for your explanation. but i need some thing to be more clearer in some aspects. i described it below. plz go through and discuss it further for more better understanding....


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