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Advertisement policies may change at any time.

The HWC fees are increasing because of all the time, artwork design and marketing involved. Our service to HWC supporters continues to evolve. Regular, daily, weekly and monthly visibility will make your name, brand, services and website memorable.

Although we cannot guarantee increase in sales, we know that when the person is "ready" to take that move, to click that button, to say, "yes" to needs, then the most accessible, memorable, available option will be grabbed. Everyone and everything went from print media to online sales. You want to be where the people visit.

Just think back on your own experiences and how long it takes to make a decision, to make a selection or choice for a book, class, or new program, etc. Each person has their individual pattern and pace. You want to be there. Long-term consistency and presence of mind will improve your standing. When you post your advertisement with HWC, you also feel good about giving to your community.

Advertiser HWC Supporters:
1. Receive the advertisement on the right hand column which shows on every page of HWC when people visit.
2. Receive a featured calendar event notice for the start of their program
3. Benefit from tweets on twitter to potentially thousands of recipients
4. Broaden their reach when their event, book announcement or other program gets posted on the Homeopaths Daily Online newsletter
5. May have their event or announcement posted in the HWC newsletter, as well, depending upon when the newsletter goes out and space available
  • Our highly rated website has become admired by all as a professional homeopaths community. 

  • We screen our members now to keep out skeptics or those without English proficiency skills.

  • Blogs and discussions are edited
  • We are looking for support to keep the network afloat. 

The New Fee will be $75 for the entire month and our supporters receive special treatment

For an extra $25 your will receive a 2-minute announcement on 1 of the BlogTalkRadio Shows which gets downloaded by hundreds of listeners. The more your name gets out there, the more people will remember when they are ready to take that extra step and click a button.
For $60 your one-minute advertising message will be announced on 4 radio show sessions. 

many thanks for your continued support
Debby, HWC founder and administrator

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