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For ADPKD there is no known conventional curative treatment. Most of the cases lead to end stage renal failure with recurrent episode of hematuria. All the cells in renal parenchyma are genetically preprogrammed to develop cyst at its own time. Please post clinical case experience, if any one has treated such cases. What are the related rubrics in Homeopathic Repertories?

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Respected Sir,
I had an oppurtunity to treat a case of polycystic kidney disease. I would like to share it here.

Case report: A 35 years old male presenting with pain in both loins. His pain first appeared on the right side 4 years ago which was treated with some allopathic medicines and the pain subsided. There was burning in the part since then and no diagnosis was made. He had pain in left loin 11 days ago.
Past history- He had jaundice 10years ago.
-Chicken pox 4 years ago
Family history- Mother-alive-Hypertension
Father-died-Polycystic kidney disease
Grandfather-died-Polycystic kidney disease
Uncle-died-Polycystic kidney disease
Brother -died-Polycystic kidney disease
Brother-alive-Polycystic kidney disease
Brother-alive-Renal mass
Sister-died-Polycystic kidney disease hernia
Son-alive-Bilateral inguinal hernia

Appetite: Good, can’t wait for food when hungry. Flatulence if he not eat for long
Desire: Salty food, eggs, very warm food
Thirst: Profuse, large quantities at a time
Tongue: Coated, moist
Sleep: Wakes due to slightest noise and lies on back
Stool: Regular, twice a day
Urine: Comes in drops
Mental generals: Irritable, consolation aggravates. Desire to travel. MISER. Does not work.
USG report and family history suggested POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE.

On the basis of the following symptoms:
• Complaint started from right side to left
• Pain associated with flatulence >ed by flatus
• H/o jaundice
• Present complaint was affection of liver and kidneys
• Desire for very warm food
Lycopodium was the medicine selected and was given in fifty millesimal potency three times daily on 11.10.09

Follow up:
19.10.09 – Burning in loin was relieved. Urine now comes in proper flow and quantity increased. Distension of abdomen was relieved.
Lycopodium was given in 0/2 to 0/9 and another USG was done on 24.2.10

Date Right kidney Left kidney
5.10.09 191mm 194mm

24.2.10 195mm 175mm

There was marked reduction in size of left kidney and complaints of the patient i.e. pain and burning in loin, scanty urination, distension and flatulence of abdomen subsided. The patient feels healthy, has a good appetite and further rapid progression of cyst formation is restricted with only homeopathic treatment, which is always evident otherwise. This case also proves the fact that the constitutional treatment gives good result in rare diseases like POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE.

The USG films are attached herewith.

Sorry for the poor quality of film as the patient is illiterate and didn't know the value of this investigation.
Please note that Rubrics related to ADPKD can't be of much help. As you are aware that homoeopathy treats the person as a whole. Homoeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. The homoeopathic medicines must be selected after a full individualizing examination and case-analysis, which includes the medical history of the patient, physical and mental constitution etc.

A miasmatic tendency (predisposition/susceptibility) may also be taken into account for the treatment of such chronic conditions.
The common signs and symptoms of ADPKD may not be of any help, unless until these qualifies.
Vague abdominal pain.
Frequent urination.
Vague abdominal pain.

Anaemia: moderate to severe.
Blood pressure: raised.
On palpation abdomen

* Enlarged irregular kidneys.
* Large knobby renal masses.
* Enlarged polycystic liver( In some cases)

Now even if we refer the repertory, non of these symptom/signs can lead to a correct remedy,as these are symptoms common to this disease.
However any peculiarity, even in this area may be of help in identifying the correct remedy, because such symptoms may be of that individual and may point towards the remedy.
Sure Sir, that is why Lycopodium acted well in this case.
Dr. Prafulla Kumar Nayak
Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a kidney disorder where the kidney is filled with fluid filled sacs called cysts.
The initial symptoms include high blood pressure, fatigue, urinary tract infection etc.
It reduces kidney function and leads to kidney failure.
Later it may develop complications in liver, pancreas etc. and (rarely) brain and heart.
50 % people having PKD develop cysts in liver.

It can be genetic or acquired.
1.Genetic-ussually the symptoms develop at the age of 30 to 40.One parent having PKD used to give 50% chances of developing PKD in the child.
2.Acquired-It develops as a result of prolonged kidney problem, kidney failure , frequent dialysis etc. It used to develop in the later part of life.

1. Lower back pain
2. Swelling of eyelids
3. Swelling of feet and leg.
4. Anaemia
5. Hypertension
6. Joint pain
7. Blood in urine
8. Pain in abdomen
9. Fatigue
10. Fluttering in chest etc.

Ultrasound, MRI, CT SCAN etc.

Allopathically medicine and antibiotics and later kidney transplantation are followed.
Homoeopathically only internal medicines on the basis of symptom similarity and antimiasmatic booster doses for strengthening body defensive mechanism.

Low fat and moderate calorie diet is recommended. Salt intake should be reduced in order to control blood pressure.

Only mild physical exercises are advised which will not have any physical stress.


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