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It has been observed that with the massive way, the antibiotics are being prescribed these days, they are going to destroy the immune system. And also immune system is going to be opened to new diseases, that are going to be incurable for Allopaths.

Homoeopathy is the only alternative to strengthen these immune systems,  to fight back such created diseases.

Hence people are in need of homoeopathy, more now and perhaps much more in the near future, if this trend continues. 


BEIJING — As Europe continues to recoil at the “horse-burger” scandal, focusing minds on the risks in long food-production chains, a new study has found that high use of antibiotics in Chinese pig farms is producing antibiotic-resistant genes that pose “a potential worldwide human health risk.”

Distribution of processed fertilizer and manure spreading worldwide from run-off into the water tables and soils pose this risk.

  • Researchers found 149 “unique” antibiotic-resistant genes in the commercial farm manure, three times more than in the control samples.

  • Tainted genes can be spread via microbes in manure, compost or the soil, as these enter rivers, leach into underground water, are transported by the wind or human travel, or in agricultural products such as gardening compost... in addition, animals may be transported and distributed as living animals or products worldwide.

Mammals, such as pigs have similarities to humans and explains why the medical community use transplant organs from these animals to reduce rejection. Heart surgeons have used pig heart valves as replacements in humans for years; and surprisingly, pigs have similar teeth and metabolize drugs the way we do. Pig's eyes are a similar size to human eyes, with photoreceptors similarly distributed in the retina. So the pig became the first model for retinitis pigmentosa, a cause of blindness. Researchers created a pig model of cystic fibrosis that, unlike mouse models, developed symptoms resembling those in humans. Both humans and pigs will eat anything and then suffer for wrong nutrition, I guess that's why we 'eat like pigs.' The pig gastrointestinal system and metabolism was used to develop models for pre-diabetes and diabetes disease. Other illness models also utilize the pig, i.e. Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and muscular dystrophy. And, for the same reasons, as viral and bacterial agents develop resistance to antibiotics in pigs, they also effect humans in a similar way. Source | Nature

  • "Scientists have come up with a solution to stop tissue rejection: genetically modifying the pigs by eliminating the gal-transferase gene. A few more human genes are also added to the pigs to make the pig tissue even more acceptable to our immune system." Source: ABC

  • Human to Pig Genome Comparison | A genome is the complete set of genes for an organism, similar to an instruction manual. The pig genome is important because the pig is one of the closest large animal species to humans. Even though drug therapy may be tested in pigs to control or cure a disease, we can also see the downside of drug use in these animals. 

  • Pig Genome

  • Nature, also show that pigs suffer from the same genetic and protein malfunctions that account for many human diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and obesity.

  • More than a billion pigs are farmed around the world each year.

  • Who's Reading The Organon Antibiotic Use and Resistance

  • Old Journals Article | Impact of Bacteriology on Homeopathic Practice (including the role of Antibiotics)

  • Strains of Drug Resistance


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Sir, i wonder.... what will be left in allopathic way of treatment if we just remove antibiotics......?


We will do our work, people now have much awareness then previously......... only thing which is detrimental to homoeopathy is our own peoples who practice GP.....

It is not unusual, Homeopathy is the only system of medicine which can provide an effective alternate but to convince public we have to prove our abilities.

Word meaning of  Anti-biotics

Anti = Against

Bio – Life

Anti biotics = against to life 

Many a people have already understood. That these antibiotics are deadly.

We are already getting patients opting for homeopathy just because they dont want to kill themselves by taking antibiotics.

Allopathy just cannot fool around for longer.

Even the common man can understand now.


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