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I met my co-brother's son in  marriage. He talked to me and requested my help in treating his ailment.  In fact it was not a physical ailment. His problem was he recently started putting his thumb in his mouth to suck it as he was doing in his childhood. (He is now about 45 years of age.) 

I inquired about his present worries and recorded them mentally and after coming back to Bangalore and analyzed his case. I felt Rhus tox may be his remedy.  I wrote a mail to him to buy a single dose of Rhus Tox 30C and take it with a spoon of water. I forgot about his case totally and did not even know if he took the dose. Yesterday, a year later since our past meeting, he informed me that, in fact, he took the dose as instructed. He was well within two days and he did not get any urge afterwards. He was excited that a single dose of Homeopathic drug can do such wonders. The following were the rubrics of mind I took following Dr. Sehgal's method.

Mind- Ailments from Financial loss.

      - Anxiety- when alone

      - Anxiety - business about.

      - Desire , to be carried

      - Desire to be carried - fast

Other remedies included: Rhus tox, Ars, Verat, Calc....

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Are you saying that his desire to be "healed/cured" (you said "carried fast").... do you mean his desire to be cured fast made it happen??  If yes, I believe that because I believe that we create our own reality!

Hope I'm not bothering you asking for an explanation!



We need to be unbiased ,  unprejudiced and open minded not only while selecting medicine but also to various line of  treatment that modern masters are presenting before us . We should try every method before taking or refusing it .  Initially, I was very  reluctant about  sehgal's method even used to criticize it. But later on, I tried this method in some complicated cases ( at least to me) like asthma , polyuria and got success after failing in classical method. However, I would like to see more cases cured     through this method from respected Dr. Kuram Srinivasachar.



There is one rubric,GESTURES,makes, fingers : mouth, children put fingers into the

MIND - GESTURES, makes - fingers - mouth; children put fingers into the

calc-ox. calc-p. Calc. cean. Cham. hell. IP. kali-p. lyc. med. merc. nat-m. nat-s. Sacch. sil. sulph. tarent. ther. verat. zinc.

MIND - THOUGHTS - compelling

arg-n. Ars. bell-p. brom. carc. Caust. cupr. Iod. lac-c. Lach. lyss. manc. merc. nat-m. nit-ac. Nux-v. puls. Rat. rhus-t. sil. sulph. Syph. tub. verat.

Considering these rubrics we get Merc, Nat Mur, silicea,sulph, veratrum.

Then to this if we add Carried,desire to be carried,fast.

We only get Veratrum.

If we don't take the rubric of gesture and then take only next three rubrics then we get remedies Arsenic, Rhus Tox and Bromium. Here Sir , in your case we should see whether a part of some superstion is there, this will definately relate with Rhus tox. We know that in Fear, superstitious only Rhus Tox is there. 

Good analysis ! This way we can enrich our knowledge .


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