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A homeopathic remedy to, as Hahnemann would put it, eradicate the ill effects of new Iranian tear gas?

My friends,

I was reading an article today that disturbed me.  It is that the Iranian people are being tear gassed and are reaching out for help against it. I once sat on a case of a man who was at a demonstration in Canada and was in the area where tear gas was used.  He suffered many symptoms after that which I was sure that were residuals of the gas. Of course he came to homeopathy after the usual round of psychiatry, antidepressants and antipsychotics, did nothing.   Homeopathy was helping him but then he moved to another city because of his wife's work and did not continue. He was so debilitated, mentally and emotionally, from his experience that he ended up committing suicide.

I thought we could involve ourselves in helping out  the Iranian people. 

Although they are reaching out to chemical engineers to figure out how to diffuse the tear gas, our role would be in treating those affected by it.


Firstly: Is this something that we should do?

Secondly: Can we find a remedy to alleviate these symptoms?

and: Can we get it to them?


Symptoms include:

severe nausea and vomiting (in some cases blood),

semi paralysis,

blurry vision.


I'm including the link: here so that I don't lose it 


What do you think?

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