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This 10th Standard student consulted me on 9th July for learning disability. He was an above average student till last week of June 2017. He had an attack of Dengue in last week of June and undergone medication from MCH Kottayam. Though he relieved from dengue, he has loss of memory thereafter. He can very well remember the things he studied before dengue attack. But he couldn’t remember even a paragraph he read after dengue fever. He forget the place where his books, shoe etc. were kept. He forget to take pen and tiffin box while going to school. His case was repertorised with following rubrics.

MIND - MEMORY - weakness of memory - happened, for what has

MIND - MEMORY - weakness of memory - happened, for what has - just happened

MIND - MEMORY - weakness of memory - mental exertion; for

MIND - MEMORY - weakness of memory - mental exertion; for - child cannot be taught


MIND - MEMORY - loss of memory - sudden

GENERALS - CONVALESCENCE; ailments during - fever; after

He was given Natrum Mur initially without any change. Then he was given Lyco on the basis of GENERALS - CONVALESCENCE; ailments during - fever; after, that too failed miserably. In VES the emerged remedies are Medo, Carbo Veg and Syphillinum. I just read Medo and Syphillinum as 2 nosodes are emerged in repertorisation. It was clearly stated in Syphillinum that “loss of memory , remembers everything previous to his illness”. He was given syphillinum 10M one dose and BT for 1 week on 7th September. Today his mother reported that he bounced back to the previous state ,he can remember very well and he wrote examinations with much confidence. Homoeopathy never fails.   




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Bravo. Good job

Thanks mam

Dr. you have mentioned a very good case with symptoms and effect. That is the true way to learn Homoeopathy. 

Thanks Dr


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