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Namaste to all members ~
This cute film needed sharing so everyone could smile. There is one line that made me laugh. What about you?

Things Yogi's Say

Have you ever said any of these phrases?

You know carrot sticks are nature's candy!
I drank way too much kumbucha last night

Apples are actually nature's toothbrush
How do you say that in Sanskrit?
I'm concerned about your aura
i need a coconut water
I hear Lady GaGa loves yoga
Let's go to the farmer's market after class
Namaste, namaste
Nobody owns yoga
The diva cup changed my life
Down dog
This mat's recyclable
Head stand
Nema mallabes
i love pidgeons taste like chicken
Hala from Amalah
Taste this, it's really good
I have total yoga hair
I've got a blockage I'm working on
My chakras are so aligned
You want to see where I can put my leg?
You want to see where I can put my leg.
It's organic
Did you see his handstand
He's so hot
BPA free
Where's my mocassins
Vegan and gluten free
I'm ready to get my yoga on
My hips are so open right now
I just bought some really cool eye-shadow for my third eye
It feels like a full moon
Save a spot for me
I really don't go for any specific type of yoga
I like to free style
Let's do wheat grass shots after this
Hey, you want to do infra-red sauna after this?
Do you know that hemp milk is the new almond milk?
I lost my voice last week from "om-ing" too much

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