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Schioaffective disorder...cured by Homoeopathy..

This is a case video of one of the most challenging cases of my clinical life and is now totally cured by classical way of Homoeopathic practising.

*In this video the identity of the patient is kept confidential.

This video is in Hindi Language and for those who does not understand Hindi i am giving a short description of the case in English language.

-The patient felt that whenever she is alone a lady in black dress with ornaments on her body, covering her face, comes and sits with her & says that she will kill her & her brother, but actually there was no one it was just her hallucination.
- whenever she takes her lunch or dinner she felt that there is blood and meat in her plate not the food.
- she becomes so violent that she tries to kill herself and others.
-During this violent stage she becomes so powerful that she can lift a heavy sofa or table with a single hand, which normally will require 3-4 people to lift.
-After all her violent activities she become unconscious and does not remember what happened with her.
- when she goes out she felt that someone is behind her and trying to pull her hair from behind.
-She had horrible dreams of people killing her and her brother.
-She had fear of dogs, dark and being alone.
-She sketched people killing each other but does not remember anything that she did it.

She took a lot of treatment for this disorder but with no relief, finally she had homoeopathic treatment and she is exactly fine rite now with no fear and no Hallucinations

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Comment by Gaurav Kacker on April 27, 2010 at 2:05pm
This case was one of the most challenging case of my clinical practice,and the medicine prescribed in this case was stramonium....
Comment by Debby Bruck on April 27, 2010 at 3:51pm
We might be interested in understanding how you came to your conclusion, whether she had many other remedies, how long it took for remedy to act and any other information. What shall we look for in this video?
Comment by Gaurav Kacker on April 27, 2010 at 4:19pm
Hi debby,
i just tried to put this video in cured case database, with complete case sheet and medicine given but the video was not uploaded and gave some error, so i just uploaded it in my videos, i will try again to upload this case in cured case database and i hope you will get all your answers from there.
this patient was given stramonium and the patient was completely cured in 2-3 mnths.
rest details i will upload in cured case database with a complete case sheet.
take care...


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