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Olavius2 Proves Homeopathy to James Randi

John Benneth great movie producer, story teller, actor, scientist, humorist, and homeopath. We're so lucky to have him.

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Comment by Rebecca Brislan on July 13, 2010 at 11:03pm
Debby, this is wonderful! Thank you so much xx
Comment by Debby Bruck on July 13, 2010 at 11:17pm
Hi Rebecca - so glad to learn someone is watching. Gotta get ready for tomorrow's new Film Festival movie. Get some popcorn. Love, Debby
Comment by Dana Ullman, MPH on July 14, 2010 at 1:22am
Interesting info on Darwin. Too bad you didn't emphasize that Darwin's health problem were not just chronic nausea and vomiting. He also had heart palpitations, spots before his eyes, fainting spells, and bodywide boils. He said that he was unable to work at all 1 in every 3 days.

Also, I'm disappointed that anyone is giving attention to the James Randi and his million dollar prize. George Vithoulkas verified that Randi will back out of experiments...and my experience with Randi's participation with ABC News have verified his untrustworthiness.
Comment by Anne Sash on July 18, 2010 at 7:44am
Aahh, Drosera.. "Sundew" :) Had a case many years ago.. Nightly tickling harassing cough for over 50 years.. the lady couldn't sleep more than 2 hours at a stretch.. couple doses Drosera 30c (after other homeopathics from another practitioner did not help) and "the tickle went from right side to left, then gone!" - within a week. Beautiful!

Thanks to John Benneth again for this, and to Debby for sharing it :) Going to repost in Facebook
Comment by Debby Bruck on July 22, 2010 at 8:52am
A short well-produced drama documentary.
Comment by Dr. MAS on August 27, 2010 at 2:16am
Few points are gone in the favour of james randi organization and few are gone in favour of homeopathy.

Announcement of prize money of 1 million dollar to prove homeopathy is a big blow to homeopaths. That is gone against homeopathy that even not a single person is qualified yet to pass the basic or preliminary criteria and Homeopaths have not proved homeopathy on scientific basis or under world recognized protocol. Although Homeopaths have million and millions of cured cases in their credit. We have to think about that and do not argue without logical reasons.

One point is also gone against Mr. James Randi who is a fraud person. Whenever homeopaths applied he came with the following words. We cannot perform such and such trial as these tests or trial are too risky on patients and our country rules do not permit us to conduct such trials. You see, it is an open a mal excuse just to get rid of the problem. Whenever and for any simple disease when you will conduct a trial, obviously it will have some risk on patients, it means you can never ever conduct any trial. Atleast that was happened to my colleague who applied to james randi foundation and his application was rejected on that base. I support that person while standing behind.

So it was a cage designed by james foundation for homeopaths to insult them.

To tackle that situation, my colleague Dr. Hafiz Matie ullah with my support and plan, we too announced at james randi forum that any body who will prove that "HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY DOES NOT WORK ON ANY DISEASE OR SYMPTOM" then we will pay one million Pakistani Ruppees.

For that purpose, full court papers were prepared. Prize money was deposited in Bank. The check-scanned copy was published in all national and local newspapers. It was then highlighted on Pakistan Government official web sites. But not a single claim is received from them. Even we announced that whatever the procedure or technique you want to adopt you are free to adopt to disapprove homeopathy we will pay. The rules then disclosed publicly too. It was also offered to them, you don't have to show the demonstration even infron of eyes that "homeopathy does not work" but you just simply write the procedure which you have did to disapprove that homeopathic remedy does not work and send us on papers with your names and country. We will pay you the prize at right at the spot in cash.

But still no body came forward. So whenever somebody says to me, you can win one million dollar if you can prove homeopathy does work then I also offer you can too will one million prize money if you prove that homeopathic medicines do not work.


My all students, colleagues and friends highlighted that offer at all world famous forums. After my offer, james randi discussion was closed down for one month. As it was direct slap on the face of Mr. James Randi.


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