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Refusing To Put A Normal Child On Psych Drugs Results In Swat Teams And Military Tank

This strong mother remained calm under pressure and kept to her convictions about drugs as poisons. On February 11th, 2012, CCHR presented one of its annual human rights awards to Ms. Maryanne Godboldo. Previous award winners include doctors, state and federal legislators, whistleblowers, attorneys, human and civil rights activists and parents such as Maryanne, who have turned their personal battles to protect their children into a crusade for children’s rights.

This may shed some light on why Ron Paul wants forced psychiatric drugging of our school children STOPPED! A caring and competent Michigan mother refuses to let child services take her very normal child and forcibly drug her with psychiatric medications. The reaction from the state was to bring in the swat teams and a tank for a day long stand off. Who needs a swat team and a tank to take on a mother and her daughter? This is America and this is one of the most disgusting violations of the constitution I have ever witnessed...

The original video was produced by CCHR the world's leading watchdog in mental health.

Please review and sign Ron Paul's petition to STOP Mandatory Mental Screening and Drugging of our children:

Visit our Facebook page to discover the truth about Psychiatry, forced drugging and the destruction of liberty:

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