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The late Jacques Benveniste on the "memory of water" and the research done on homeopathy in his laboratory.

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Comment by Mirza Ejaz Baig on March 16, 2010 at 2:56pm
Memory of water ;- is true research . Memory always retain in the universe . nothing is lost ,everything remain in the compact form or allaborated form ,.. Universe is the greatest balance . Apptomizing equalibrum is possible in this gap an universe due to this Memorizing charecteristic . Every thing is physically presence but if we dont have access so called invisible .
.. Sir , you are trying to access soft-ware and Elopathic doctors are trying to access hard-ware .
But soft-ware is more importent . The God have given the true copy of soft-ware to human being . But unfortunately we started to play the games so a lot of viruse and melegnent programmes feeded in this hard-ware . Now only soft-ware Engineers can remove this viruses .. First hard-ware is prepared by the God with his own hands and also a soft-ware is developed for this specific hard-ware . Everything will retain the memory not only the water .

Memory of the water is true and scientific research based upon a broad data should appreciated . Thanks a lot
H/ Dr Mirza Ejaz Baig
Comment by Andrew Bonci, BA, DC on March 16, 2010 at 7:59pm
Very nicely stated! I very much enjoyed they way you characterized hardware versus software. It makes a tremendous amount of sense, but I never thought about it in this way. Thank you and may God's grace be upon you always.



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