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Experimental documentary about the positive effects of Homeopathy on vegetable crops. Addressing the alternative and more effective ways of treating sick plants in a holistic manner that will take the environment into consideration including the health of us humans as we ingest the vegetable crops.

Homeopathy provides for a more effective way to treat people, animals and plants without the damaging effects of current medicinal methods (air and soil pollution, in the case of plants). In addition, we can see how the COSTS of treating crops with homeopathic methods reduce considerably, let alone the damaging effects of petrochemicals and artificial fertilizers.

I trekked to San Marcos, Nicaragua to Liz & Silvio's farm, located about 2,200 ft or 670 meters above sea level where they grow coffee, and a have a vegetable garden.

Liz and Silvio are green heroes - they use alternative methods of energy, i.e. solar panels, draw water from a well with a bicycle pump, use compost and distill their gray water.

On this occasion we ventured to unite forces and do a little HOMEOPATHIC PROVING with some of their vegetable crops, namely tomatoes and squash.

The results were marvelous and speak for themselves!

For more info on La Gata Gorda Farm, visit Liz & Silvio's blog -

For more info on Homeopathy and Agrohomeopathy visit

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Comment by Debby Bruck on July 4, 2010 at 4:58pm
Bravo! Great work. Thank you for sharing this experimental work using homeopathy on garden plants.
Comment by Tamara Montenegro on July 12, 2010 at 12:06pm
Thanks for the feature, Debby.
In my quest to unite my passions for video documentation and homeopathy, I will keep exploring more homeopathic applications and putting them on video.
It is my way of giving to the community and help the world expand its view on successful approaches to health.

As a side note: whoever has an idea of the reasons the tomato plants were not as successful as the squash ones, please leave your comment. Exchange of ideas is welcomed.
Thank you!


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