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Japan Earth Shift and USA Across the Ocean

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Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on March 29, 2011 at 6:01pm

Sorry, the guy must do some meteo studies first. Any storm coming in from the ocean has to meet with the Rockies, climbs up against the slope and STAYS there.

When you go for a pilot's license, to fly a plane, you learn about these phenomena, because in smaller planes like a Piper or a Cessna, you must find ways around or over it.

Moreover - and I think anyone who has been there can attest to the truth of it - on Sumatra is situated Lake Toba, above which there is a daily storm with lightning and thunder at the exact same hour and also never moves. This is another example of the same phenomenon.


The speculations about HAARP run from being able to influence the weather, to generating earhtquakes and acting as a rocket shield and according to this man even to stop meteors from space! Apparently HAARP can be whatever you want it to be and for whatever purpose.

We can be sure it is used to disrupt communications - it is after all a High-frequency radio transmitter. To claim it is anything more and so many things at the same time, is disingenious at best and plain gullible in worse circumstances.

In conspiracy-land this is called a limited hangout. It is a diversion tactic, that gets tongues wagging and truth-seekers argueing, while the mayhem that really takes place can go unabated. These diversions are made - disaster capitalism thrives on it - so that Codex Alimentarius and other WTO plans can go on in the background.

The fact we take all the oil out of the earth and leave vacuum-chambers in their place, is more than sufficient to cause earthquakes all over the planet - there is no need for other human intervention and there is no need for further panic and pandemonium and sinister plans by the world government to destroy the planet.

The idea is ludicrous - why would they do that and destroy their own chance of survival too? If they would be smart enough to cause those quakes, they are smart enough to know that you do not take a knife to cut off your own head.

So this wildly speculative piece of YouTube gibberish should be taken not just with the proverbial pinch, but at least a kilo of salt. Sorry Debby, but this is a waste of time and has nothing to do with homoeopathy.

Comment by Debby Bruck on March 29, 2011 at 7:31pm
Hey Kavi. Thanks for comments. Should I remove this one? Glad you set me straight.
Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on March 29, 2011 at 7:44pm
Na, don't take it down. It serves as a nice piece of entertainment and a good example of diversion tactics. Look at how much time we have spent on you creating it and me commenting, which we could have used to combat Codex and connect with Union workers and Vax opponents to enlarge the base that firght against the erosion of our freedoms.
Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on March 29, 2011 at 7:49pm

Here is a comment I wrote for the British situation, but which is equally applicable worldwide and uses the US situation as an example.


When thinking about "solutions" many are quick to cite organizing a protest
and taking to the streets. Let's for a moment consider the mechanics of a
protest, what it might accomplish, and what it may leave to be desired.

Take Glenn Beck's feckless and disingenuous 2010 "Restoring Honor" event in
Washington D.C. It drew thousands of honest, well-intentioned people from all
over the United States. Indeed, thousands of people filled up their Fortune
500 made cars with gas from Fortune 500 oil companies, drove countless miles,
stopping along the way at Fortune 500 fast food restaurants, stayed at Fortune
500 run hotels, and stocked up on supplies purchased at Fortune 500 Walmart.
They slaked their thirst under the hot August sun with cans of Fortune 500
Pepsi and Coke, and at the end of the day, they drove home, paid their Fortune
500 cable subscriptions to watch their Fortune 500 media reports, most likely
on News Corporation's Fox News, a Council on Foreign Relations corporate

At best, all a protest will lead to, while we are so hopelessly dependent on
this system, is a round of musical chairs inside the political arena, with
perhaps superficial concessions made to the people. The vector sum however,
will still be decidedly in favor of the global corporate-financier oligarchy.

If we understand that the fundamental problem facing not only America, but the
entire world, is a global corporate-financier oligarchy that has criminally
consolidated their wealth by "liberalizing" their own activities while
strangling ours through regulations, taxes, and laws, we should then
understand why events like Beck's "Restoring Honor" are not only fruitless,
but in fact, counterproductive. We should also realize that any activity we
commit ourselves to must be directed at this corporate-financier oligarchy
rather than the governments they have co-opted and positioned as buffers
between themselves and the masses.

While people understand something is wrong and recognize the necessity to do
"something," figuring out what that "something" should be becomes incredibly
difficult when so few understand how power really works and how to strip it
away from the oligarchs that have criminally consolidated it.

Understanding Globalization

As of late, the expansion of this global oligarchical empire has taken a more
extreme, perhaps desperate form involving staged revolutions as seen in Egypt
and Tunisia, and in Libya's case, armed rebellion and the specter of foreign
military intervention. However, worldwide globalist coup d'etats have occurred
before - for example, in the late 1990's under the guise of a "financial
collapse" and IMF "restructuring."

Many nations fell beholden to the IMF and its regiment of "reforms" which
amounted to neo-colonialism packaged under the euphemism of "economic

A more contemporary example for comparison would be the outright military
conquest of Iraq and Paul Bremer's (CFR) economic reformation. The Economist
gleefully enumerates the neo-colonial "economic liberalization" of Iraq in a
piece titled "Let's all go to the yard sale: If it all works out, Iraq will be
a capitalist's dream:"

1. 100% ownership of Iraqi assets.
2. Full repatriation of profits.
3. Equal legal standing with local firms.
4. Foreign banks allowed to operate or buy into local banks.
5. Income and corporat

Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on March 29, 2011 at 7:53pm

Comment continued Part 2.


Thailand's Answer to the Globalization

Thailand's answer to the IMF, and globalization in general was profound in
both implications as well as in its understanding of globalization's end
game. Fiercely independent and nationalistic, and being the only nation in
Southeast Asia to avoid colonization, Thailand's sovereignty has been
protected for over 800 years by its revered monarchy. The current dynasty, the
House of Chakri, has reigned nearly as long as America has existed as a nation
and the current king is regarded as the equivalent of a living "Founding
Father." And just as it has for 800 years, the Thai Monarchy today provides
the most provocative and meaningful answer to the threats facing the Kingdom.

The answer of course is self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency as a nation, as a
province, as a community and as a household. This concept is enshrined in the
Thai King's "New Theory" or "self-sufficiency economy" and mirrors similar
efforts found throughout the world to break the back of the oppression and
exploitation that results from dependence on the globalist system.

The New Theory aims at preserving traditional agrarian values in the hands of
the people. It also aims at preventing a migration from the countryside into
the cities. Preventing such migrations would prevent big agricultural cartels
from moving in, swallowing up farming land, corrupting and even jeopardizing
entire national food supplies (see Monsanto). Those familiar with the UN's
Agenda 21, the more recent UN "Climate Change Program," and the globalist "end
game" may understand the deeper implications and dangers of such a migration
and why it needs to be stopped.

By moving to the city, people give up private property, cease pursuing
productive occupations, and end up being folded into a consumerist paradigm.
Within such a paradigm, problems like overpopulation, pollution, crime, and
economic crises can only be handled by a centralized government and generally
yield political solutions such as quotas, taxes, micromanagement, and
regulations rather than meaningful technical solutions.

Also, such problems inevitably lead to a centralized government increasing its
own power, always at the expense of the people and their freedom. The effects
of economic catastrophe are also greater in a centralized, interdependent
society, where everyone is subject to the overall health of the economy for
even simple necessities like food, water, and electricity.

The goal of the "New Theory" is to have people return to the countryside
from the cities and develop their communities in a self-reliant manner. It is,
in other words, Agenda 21 in reverse.

Under the "New Theory," demonstration stations all across Thailand have been
created promoting education in matters of agriculture and self-sufficient
living. The program is competing against the contemporary globalist system,
which as of now, is mired in many parts of the world with economic meltdown.
The relatively self-sufficient nature of Thais in general has weathered this
economic chaos fairly well. In 10 years, a plate of food still costs the same
amount of money, as do many everyday commodities. This only further vindicates
the value of being self-sufficient and now more than ever, in both Thailand,
and abroad, it is a good time to get involved and get self-sufficient.

Globalist Reactionary Hand-Wringing

Of course the head-of-state of a nation almost 70 million strong promoting a
lifestyle that cuts th

Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on March 29, 2011 at 7:54pm

Comment part 3.


Globalist Reactionary Hand-Wringing

Of course the head-of-state of a nation almost 70 million strong promoting a
lifestyle that cuts the legs out from under the globalist agenda does not sit
well with the oligarchical establishment. Their response to this, as it has
been with all of Thailand's habitual displays of defiance is something to

Perhaps the most vocal globalist critic of Thailand is the Economist. It openly
criticizes the King's self-sufficiency economy in an article titled "Rebranding
Thaksinomics." It states that the economic plan is "a partial retreat from
Thailand's hitherto liberal economic stance." The Economist muddles the debate
by side-stepping the self-sufficient aspects of the"self-sufficiency
economy." It claims that socialist handouts under deposed Prime Minister and
notorious globalist stooge Thaksin Shinawatra somehow accomplished the exact
same goals. The Economist also claims the concept of self-sufficiency is
merely a "rebranding" of such socialist handouts.

The Economist article then breaks down into a pro-Thaksin rant, decrying his
ousting from power and continued claims that somehow encouraging people to
grow their own food is a theft of Thaksin's socialist policies.

It should be noted that socialism is not self-sufficiency. It is complete
dependency on the state and on people who pay their ever increasing taxes.
Socialism is not about growing your own garden, using technology to enhance
your independence or solving your problems with your own resources. It is
about taking from the collective storehouses of the state, and when you are
again hungry, taking again. Socialism could only be useful as a stop-gap
measure between current problems and the active pursuit of technical
solutions. However, the goal of globalization is to create interdependency
between states, and total dependency on global institutions, therefore
perpetuating problems instead of solving them, becomes the equation.

Codex is simply the means by which the corporations extend - or try to - their
reach of power and interdependence on these global institutions, such as UN,
WTO, WHO and so on.

Meanwhile, they engage us with small skirmishes with ASA, skeptics and assorted
other puny things, blown up out of proportion to absorb the efforts of people
and resources. We should make clear to ASA that we are NOT a member of their
society and that therefore we do not fall under their jurisdiction. By law, it
is illegal to make someone a member of any club or society against their will or
without consent. Since ASA does not have this consent, they simply cannot
enforce anything. If they take us to court, either collective or individually,
this is the line of defense that no judge can ignore and must honour, if he is
to uphold any laws.

Here is however the catch:
The ploy to include the society in the process is to co-opt them in the ASA so
that the above fact no longer counts. If the SOH, the ARH and so on, fall for
it, we shall all be lost. By extension, any member of the ARH, SOH etc, will be
bound by those rules. I for one am glad to be completely independent. I will be
able to say whatever I like and no ASA or judge will be able to stop me.

Comment by Anita Maden on March 31, 2011 at 11:37pm

Just loving this information window !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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