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Creating Waves of Awareness

I just couldn't resist sharing this tune with you. As I listened to this performance, I was thinking about removing obstacles or working around them.


There is no question, That Master Perlman worked intensely to overcome his disabilities by concentrating on perfecting his artistic skill.

Just think. Would we have had the musical genius if he was able to run outside to play baseball with all of his friends, instead of locked up inside with his violin? The world works in mysterious ways.

The Outcome

Today, he is the master of his instrument and can make the violin play any type of sound, melody, rhythm and tune. Perlman is recognized the world over. He even is a bit of a comic. And, he is a teacher of many, many young students.

The Model

Itzhak demonstrates to many in his generation and those after what can be accomplished. He shows us that one handicap does not mean to throw in the towel, give up or feel that you are a failure. Stick with it. Train, practice, perfect.


Out of the darkness comes the light. From the days struggling inside comes the beautiful music of one man and his violin that meld together in harmony.

He may not be able to run on his legs, but he can surely run through the scales with ease.

So, my fellow homeopathy lovers. Today, we may be low on the totem pole of being recognized by medical science. But, each day we move closer to our goal. Each day, science is moving closer to homeopathy with every new discovery that spirit and matter cannot be separated. Just listen to the music and you will hear the truth.

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