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Saving Valentina The Great Humpback Whale

Mammal of the Ocean ~ The Whale

Michael Fishbach narrates his encounter with a humpback whale entangled in a fishing net. Gershon Cohen and Michael Fishbach founded The Great Whale Conservancy to protect whales. , is their website, or go to gwc's facebook page, and join them in helping to save these magnificent beings.

Whale Trituration Page Has anyone had the need to give this remedy?

I would imagine numerous mammalian symptoms, in addition to 'feeling caught' like in a net based upon the conditions in the oceans today.
If anyone wants to post some notes on Ambra Grisea, the bilious, fatty excretion of a sperm whale, that might also add to this page.

Ambra Crisea (ambergris) is derived from the sperm whale, and is probably a morbid product of that animal. It must not be confounded with amber, known to our materia medica as Succinum. The great action of Ambra is on the nervous system. Reflex action in general is increased, with heightened sensibility. It produces faintness (like Moschus), nervousness, jerks and twitches. The mental state is one of nervous embarrassment and bashfulness.
The cough, for instance, is made worse by the presence of other people. It is suitable for nervous, excitable children. After the nervous system its power is exerted largely on the pelvic organs; much itching and burning of the pudenda in male and female. Burning and itching in vulva and urethra during urination.

Even nymphomania may be present; the congestion of the pelvic organs manifests in haemorrhage between the periods on any slight exertion. There are many abdominal symptoms; great distention, and especially eructations of flatulence after coughing. In general, the Ambra patients feel tired; they sweat easily; warmth aggravates their trouble, and cold relieves. Thin, nervous persons are the typical subjects for the drug.

SOURCE: The Pacific Coast journal of homeopathy, Volume 26, Issue 9 By California State Homoeopathic Medical Society

Looking forward to comments here.

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Comment by Debby Bruck on August 21, 2011 at 5:24pm

Further information on the sperm whale . . . 

In amplification of the above statements Dr. Kent may be quoted. His lecture is abridged, but otherwise quoted mainly in his own words:

We see symptoms coming on at 50 that you would expect at Po. Trembling, feeble-mindedness, a dreamy state of mind, hasty going from one thing to another. Excitability followed by depression. A state of insensibility to all things, joy, grief, etc. The vertigo of old men; dizziness on getting up, on going out into the street. Dwells on grievances in a way somewhat analogous to nat. mur. takes pleasure in the process. Running through all the remedy is the fact that the patient cannot do anything in the presence of others. Easily embarrassed in company, constant fear that he is going out of his mind. Many complaints come on in the morning.

Music aggravates the mental symptoms. Complaints are often one-sided. Numbness runs all through the body, diminished sensibility like that of secale. Itching all over the body, intolerable, keeps him awake. Tendency to bleeding from nose, kidneys, uterus. Dryness of the mouth without thirst. Inveterate constipation in old people. Distention of abdomen, great flatulence. The cough is nervous, without trembling. Palpitation from slight exertion, mental or physical or from music. The patient is generally emaciated, withered, wrinkled and tremulous. Ambra grisea has the most erratic symptoms found outside of ignatia and nat. mur. It is antidoted by camph., coffea, mix. v., puls, staph, and is itself an antidote to staph.—Prepared from data furnished by Dr. J. II. Clark and published in June Homeopathic World.Hahnemanian Monthly.

SOURCE: The North American Journal of Homeopathy, Volume 59 by American Medical Union. page 348 | Learn a lot more about whales at this website. I did not know they ate squid. 

EnviroWriters| Sperm Whales Bear Testament To Pollution of Our Oceans.

  • Like the canary in the coalmine, these mammalian sea dwellers sing the clarion call. In Dan Ferber’s 420 word article, Sperm Whales Bear Testimony to Ocean Pollution, the author concludes that a likely candidate to use as a global measurement of toxicity is the sperm whale.  Researchers on board the RV Odyssey collected small skin and blubber samples from sperm whales around the world and the findings showed that whales in the Sea of Cortez had twice the amount of a certain detoxifying enzyme than whales living in mid-ocean areas.  The presence of this enzyme in the whales fat and skin indicates that their bodies are coping with much higher levels of human-made toxins such as mercury, DDT, and polychlorinated biphenyls.
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