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In honor of Fourth of July Independence Day USA

There is still so much further to go. So many conflicts, inner turmoil, stepping on other's toes, minority versus majority, telling other people what to do and how to live; we all need room to grow.

We learn and discover our world in so many different ways. I'm talking about freedom. I will fight for the right to live in freedom.

Our world is shrinking. Literally shrinking. Not just due to communications and technological advances that bring us together, but in the devastation of our earth due to our own misguided use of energy, power, and greed as we step over our earth and squander its resources.

Besides the natural disasters, which are not within our power, our generation's explosive oil leaks, chemical pollutions to the environment and living organisms, the loss of clean air, water and earth really shrinks our small planet.

It is time to take individual responsibility, and that is really what freedom is all about most especially as we see what is happening to our world and those being affected.

Thank you all HWC members for being part of this growing community. Thank you for contributing your thoughts. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for taking action in any and every little way that you can to spread our message of health freedom and healing through homeopathy.

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