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In this interview Rajan Sankaran elucidates his concept of case-taking leading to prescription and enjoins therapists to listen with their heart to what comes from the stillness. Through the method...

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Comment by K.Srinivasa Raghavan on January 6, 2010 at 10:03pm
seven levels of prescription is very deeper understanding of Homeopathy which stays with in the classical ambit of prescription but the essential qualification being a thorough knowledge of materia medica and the deeper understanding of the patient and connecting them through an art of interpretation by means of a particular remedy which sings the song of deeper/totality of behavioral pattern of a particular patient/person and so on which enlivens the spirit of homeopathy true to its nature.
Comment by Anna Bryant on January 8, 2010 at 7:47pm
Sankaran is interesting in this video. I like his mellow style.

I had his Soul and Spirit of Remedies books when I was a student, but felt they were works in progress at that time because they relied on amateur psychoanalysis of the 'core delusion'. I remember toe curling 'case analysis' at my first homoeopathic college that involved speculating as to the patients' psyche in terms on a par with the pseudo- psychology of women's magazines. I found that so embarassingly awful I moved over to a more left brain dominated approach to prescribing.

I stopped following Sankaran's progress after he did some modern provings including polystyrene, but this video made me wonder how his work developed, since he speaks here in a way that suggests he developed a more mature approach, and I feel integration of left and right brained approaches is the most fruitful way to progress in homeopathy as in any other discipline.
Comment by Dr. Ranbir Singh Josan on January 10, 2010 at 10:53am
Heard so much about Dr.Sankaran...........Its the first time listening him on net.
He seems trying to go deep.
Comment by Tanya Nolte on January 12, 2010 at 8:28pm
Enjoyed this video. I am a great follower of Sankaran's method. One needs to read all his books and attend some of his seminars to get a better understanding of how to apply it. For me, this method hit my inner core...I 'experienced' a deep 'sensation' of resonation with this technique. It is a profound experience to witness a patient go into his/her sensation! I had a wonderful example 2 days ago but unfortunately haven't any video equipment to record with and it is quite likely that this particular patient may have become too self conscious of being filmed and not consented anyway. The patient also fully realised they had hit on something and commented...
"Oh my goodness I can feel it, I'm resonating with it, it's so amazing, it feels really nice and I feel safe"!

The patient goes into an almost trance-like, meditative state or can be highly animated when they get in touch with their inner sensation and their body language or hand gestures become more pronounced! They will often remark how strange or funny it seems...that they are talking such nonsense...but of course to the homeopath it is NOT nonsense at all but the language of the Rx from whatever kingdom that may be.

I think in the early days Rajan's approach on how to demonstrate his method may have been pretty raw and in need of finer tuning. He is developing better wisdom and know how on how to portray his results in more recent times so I look forward to a healthier promotion of his style of prescribing. He is also making it clearer that a good solid classical foundation is still paramount as a lead up to his technique and that Repertory and Materia Medica are not abandoned through this process!

I chiefly think of the method as another tool in my kit but one that is frequently of use and promises to become well worn over time to a lovely patina ;)
Comment by Claudia Patton on January 21, 2010 at 12:36pm
I use this case taking method in my practice and am very happy with the results. The very deep effects this method has on the patients during the case taking process turns out to be a vital part of their healing process. To shy away from something new just because it is new and still needs refining is an understandably human reaction. However, great discoveries usually don't come refined, as it can be seen with Hahnemann's many revisions of the Organon.

The results justify Rajan's method, if nothing else. While using it, I have grown more and more in the one thing that Hahnemann definitely urged us become: The Unprejudiced Observer. Rajan's method has nothing to do with psychoanalysis, nor speculation, it is observation in it's truest form. By admitting that the perception of the patient is where the experience lies and not in the perception the practitioner has of the patient, one can find this empty place of "unprejudiced observer" and thus comply with Hahnemann's views on this.

My gratitude goes out to Rajan Sankaran for his invaluable contribution towards bringing homeopathy out of the 19th century into a clearer understanding of observation and what needs to be cured.
Comment by Tanya Nolte on January 21, 2010 at 8:14pm
Oh yes!...I couldn't agree more. One of my greatest lessons with Rajan's method was how to become a much better "unprejudiced observer"! I realised my own interpretations were still acting and getting in mine and my patient's way...Rajan stresses how to just 'be' with the patient often in complete silence, to not make any summations or Rx choices during the consult...allow the patient to speak his language completely and the patient will most often simply tell you the Rx him or herself which can be right at the end of a case and be so different to what you might have imagined the Rx would be ;) Rajan has increased my understanding of how to view what needs to be cured.
Comment by Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia on August 18, 2011 at 10:37am

I'm very lucky because I lean the sensation method when I was student of second year (BHMS) and many thanks to Dr.Praveen marselin who teach us sensation method on his clinic. I attend the lots of seminars since Dr. Sankaran work on the basis of delusion. I heartly believe that he change the all parameters of my belief of Homeopathy.

Many thanks to put his video on HWC.

Comment by Gobinder S Samrao on October 4, 2011 at 11:13pm
Really, after listening to this video it appears that the Hahnemannian homeopathy has turned stale and his methods have become stale. A system which served the sick humanity for over two hundred years has become ineffective and incomprehensive to the new generation of homeopaths. Hahnneman's method has turned obsolete now because the computer-age homeopaths find them unpredictable. They want to turn their outcome predictable by mediating the concept of group and kingdom remedies between the materia medica and sickness or the sick and the remedy. Traditional homeopaths demolished conceptual structures like disease names to bring the remedy and the patient face to face but the new homeopaths like the old allopaths can not operate without intermediate structures because the materia medica is unmanageable for their genii. They are gravitating towards reductionism by making the system of homeopathy amenable to routinism and selling it in slices. Many homeopaths from India have started selling the diluted form of homeopathy by putting it in new bottles which they designed in view of their clientele in the west. Otherwise how can one believe that a patient can be better understood through his/her delusions and experiences than the mental and general symptoms and the modalities. I cannot understand what is more understandable and predictable in delusions which is not there in other symptoms. Why shoud a homeopath first determine the kingdom of the remedy then select the remedy why not the remedy directly? To me it appears the case of intelligent people misleading intelligent people!


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