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Trevor Sheffield
  • Glenning Valley, New South Wales
  • Australia

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Worried about Cervical Cancer vaccination?

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The Australian Situation

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Trevor Sheffield's Page

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Glenning Valley NSW Australia
What brought you to homeopathy? Tell your 150 word inspirational story that connects you to homeopathy. How has homeopathy changed your life?
I had met a Scottish homeopath and been friends with him in my late teens when he had wanted a lift to Bourke for some unknown reason and we camped 50 miles beyond Bourke for some weeks. Years later when my wife was encountering some difficulties during pregnancy I suggested she see a homeopath. After children were born and suffered from vaccine damage she decided to study homeopathy and so I have lived with a homeopath for nearly 20 years during which time she has saved my life more than once!
Check which applies. I . . .
Use homeopathy, am studying homeopathy
What is your vision for the future of homeopathy
Would like to see it get back to where it was when Sydney's Balmain Hospital was a Homeopathic Hospital (It was previously at Glebe). Home remedies were homeopathic as in the book 'Little Women'. Home use of homeopathic first-aid kits becomes the norm replacing the visits to the medical practitioner for things that were once always treated very successfully at home.
Why I would like to join this network?
I want to promote homeopathy, I want to meet like-minded people, I want to learn more about homeopathy, I want to advocate for homeopathy, I want to be involved with the homeopathic community at large
Write detailed background to introduce yourself. What school did you attend? Year of graduation? Degree or diploma? Where do you practice?
I manage and build many web sites for homeopathy including,, and many more.
If you do not have a reference so that we can verify your homeopathic status, please send a copy of your homeopathy diploma and association certificates to HWCmembers at gmail dot com
I use it daily. I would be dead without it. I live homeopathy. Our home is a clinic where my wife and other homeopaths practice. My son and daughter work in the practice and are continually handling patients and checking or editing written work done by Fran. Seven days a week homeopathy is being discussed, practiced and taken. It is difficult to find a cupboard, drawer or shelf that does not have at least 1 remedy on it or in it. As I write this my wife is working in the kitchen but at the same time dictating homeopathy text into a laptop. Yes, homeopathy has changed my life aside from all my health issues.
What are your interests besides homeopathy? Inquiring minds want to know.
ELectronics, web design (homeopathy), computers and history (of homeopathy).
Reference: This is a "BY INVITATION" only community. Who invited you to join this community? If you found us on the internet and do not have a reference please provide as much information as you can. Please note that we personally check references and verify your identity. PS: The yearly membership fee for new members is USD 20. Please, go to the main page and find the PayPal button to pay your membership fee.
Fran Sheffield

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At 10:57am on January 4, 2010, El Cecchetto DCH, CCH, RSHom(NA) said…
Yes! Thank you for putting forth the fact that Homeopathy can cover health concerns of the masses now and in the future.
At 11:07pm on April 24, 2009, Inez Hanson said…
I think Fran is a brilliant homeopath and I really admire her work. If you find a remedy for always being late then let me know because that is me to a T!
At 2:32am on April 24, 2009, Karen Burn said…
Hi Trevor, thanks for the quick welcome to the site. I have great respect for Fran & her work. I refer my clients to the do no harm website often. cheers Karen
At 1:50am on April 22, 2009, Gabrielle Traub said…
Dear Trevor.
You have such an interesting and exciting story to share. I really like the websites you've created.
Please stay in touch.
At 5:24am on April 20, 2009, Alain Picard said…
Hi Trevor - Yes you are right and I completely agree with you. If the Public demand is strong, nothing will stop Homeopathy to be THE medicine leader of the XXIst century.
We all should work in spreading out Homeopathy's hollistic concepts.

What I have noticed is that Homeopathy is not well known amongst large Pubilc. It is understood mostly as a natural medicine, close to herbal medicine. Of course, we all homeopaths know that it is quite different. That is what we should be explaining to the whole planete.

Unfortunately, fundamental research in homeopathy is not done. Several "good?" reasons to that in my understanding:

1/ Fundamental research in homeopathy is costly and does not passionate the scientists very much (no noble price to expect from it ... although ???...)

2/ The Pharmaceutical Industry is mainly lead by pharmacists (I'm one of them, unfortunately). They are searching action of remedies by looking at the chemicals (active molecules).
Bad luck, in homeopathy, there are no more molecules left beyond 12c... and it works.
As they do not understand why, they just say that homeopathy is "bullshit" ... easy !!

3/ We will demonstrate action of homeopathy through physic sciences and not chemestry. Unfortunately, the measurement instruments are not sensitive enough for the moment. Eveything is still to be invented in what to look at, to demonstrate homeopathic action. Adapted machines have to be set up.

4/ There is not a lot of money to expect in manufacturing homeopathic remedies

5/ The Homeopathic main laboratories are not so hurried to pay for setting up measurement methods of their production, as it is very, very comfortable today to mass produce without any control of what is marketted.

I really think that, as soon as we will be able to measure what we are doing in producing homeopathic remedies, all scepticism will fall down and vanish.

Have a good day - Alain
At 9:25am on April 17, 2009, Inez Hanson said…
Hi Trevor - I assume you are married to Fran Sheffield. I have bought some DVD's from your clinic to educate patients about homoeoprophylaxis and vaccination. I also direct my patients to your website for FAQ's about homoeoprophylaxis. Keep up the great work. By the way, Fran's presentation on autism at the national conference was excellent.
At 1:07pm on April 16, 2009, K.Srinivasa Raghavan said…
Dear Dr.Trevor Sheffield,
thank you for your kindness and I totally agree with you that Australia is one of the Homoeopathy research centres in the world and the best example is your/our young Dr.Grant Bentley and Louise Barton of vcch,victoria has sculptured a book on" Homoeopathy facial analysis" with lots of research done on the feature/s of the faces namely size and shapes of the head,forehead,eyes,nose,mouth,chin,the vertical and horizontal creases and freckles on the faces and so on and had come out with the miasmatic classification which might work wonderfully well once the Homoeopathy facial analysis(HFA) is mastered and case taking is done as usual and plus facial features are observed and compared with the repertorisational(few general+few mind+few physical) miasm and if both are identical then a similar remedy is chosen and in this way the choice of the remedy is very much narrowed done and a single remedy is given to the patient.I have already purchased these two books and started giving a reading and any in formation regarding this can be had from the website which is for your very kind information.
with humility to serve Homoeopathy and Humanity,
At 8:34pm on April 12, 2009, Debby Bruck said…
here is target code attachedlinkcode.txt
At 11:00pm on April 11, 2009, Debby Bruck said…
Trevor - thank you for inspirational message. If we all work together the sky is the limit. We can achieve anything. Please go to my page [click my image] then 'add as friend.
At 9:30pm on April 10, 2009, Fran Sheffield said…
Hi Trevor - will you be my friend????

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