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Jerry Van den Bosch
  • Male
  • Hulst
  • Netherlands

Jerry Van den Bosch's Friends

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  • R Saravanan
  • Regina Rianelli
  • Prof Dr Debasish Kundu
  • Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
  • Joanne Greenland
  • Gina Tyler DHOM
  • Vanessa Parrado Lobo
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  • Mari Trini
  • Annemieke Boelsma
  • Nathalie van der Stelt
  • K.Srinivasa Raghavan
  • Malene Vestergaard
  • Mary Terhune, RN

Jerry Van den Bosch's Page

Profile Information

Enter Your Town, City, State, Country. Separate with Comma and space
Heikant - Hulst, The Netherlands
What brought you to homeopathy? Tell your 150 word inspirational story that connects you to homeopathy. How has homeopathy changed your life?
By meeting a homeopathic doctor Maurice Dupuis in 1994 from Belgium. He was my teacher in anatomy/pathology/physiology at IHF. And later i saw the spectacular results of him treating psoriasis with homeopathy. Amazing!
Check which applies. I . . .
am a homeopath
What is your vision for the future of homeopathy
To bring homeopathy on a higher level and to make homeopathy accessible for all people in the world.
Why I would like to join this network?
I want to promote homeopathy, I want to meet like-minded people, I want to learn more about homeopathy, I want to advocate for homeopathy, I want to join a local community of homeopaths, I want to be involved with the homeopathic community at large
Write detailed background to introduce yourself. What school did you attend? Year of graduation? Degree or diploma? Where do you practice?
Non-homeopathic education:
1993 Sofrology: non directive hypnotherapy
Department: Stress counsling & Psycho therapy - Staf Keymeulen – Hofstade – (B)

1994 Anatomy/Pathology/Physiology for practitioners
International Holistic Fedation (IHF) – Beveren-Waas – (B)

2001 Bach International Education Programme Level 1 & 2
Course approved by ‘The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation’ (B)

2008 – 2009 Radionic Coach
Advanced Radionic Coaching Institute – Basel (Ch)
Willy de Maeyer & Gabrielle Breyer

Homeopathic education:
1997-1999 2 years private course Classical Homeopathy by Rene Smet: Teacher at Magnolia Federation - board member: Liga Homeopathica Classica – Belgium (Rene died unexpectedly in 2009)
He was author of the book: Food & Drink Symptomatology 1998

1997-2003 6 years Classical Homeopathy (HBO) - School voor Homeopathie – Amersfoort – The Netherlands

2009- ... Master of Science in Homeopathy (MSc) - University of Central Lancashire (UCLAn) - UK

Private practice:
2004 - … Praktijk voor Complementaire Gezondheidszorg - Hulst (NL)

1999 - … Founder of the Hydrogenium-group - International group of Homeopaths, who come together on a regular basis

2004 - … Member of the Dutch Homeopathic Association
NVKH – Nederlandse Vereniging van Klassiek Homeopaten

2005 - … Regional Advisor/Visitator of the NVKH
Member of “Commissie voor Advies en Visitatie - NVKH”

Websites: (Homeopathy) (CoRe Inergetix)
If you do not have a reference so that we can verify your homeopathic status, please send a copy of your homeopathy diploma and association certificates to HWCmembers at gmail dot com
I have a HWC member reference, Homeopathy was like coming home for me.
What are your interests besides homeopathy? Inquiring minds want to know.
uh... Homeopathy, Homeopathie, Homeopatia!
I started to work with the Inergetix-CoRe System in 2006 It's a Quantum Bio Feedback device. My philosophy is to treat the patient instead of the disease. I want to reveal patterns behind the symptoms in the life style and emotional situation of a patient. Far too often, symptoms are treated, that conceal the real problem. As a result, the cause of the disease is not touched, but only the visible symptom and therefore the patient shows new similar symptoms, caused by the same issue. At an early age, I was already interested in the universe and what was behind it. The Quantum Field Theory gave answers to many questions I had. The Inergetix-CoRe System makes this information visible and useful in my practice. I was overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of the Inergetix-CoRe System:

* It is helpful in coaching people: it helps patients to see themselves and their situation more clearly and me to understand the mental-emotional state of being of someone and the life patterns behind it. It helps me to discover deeper causes of the disease and to decide on the right remedy for the patient.
* The information from the Inergetix CoRe System links up with the theory about homeopathy.
* It is a reliable instrument in my practice, because results are reproducible and independent of the practitioner.
* I use the information of the system as a guideline for a first exploring or more in-depth conversation during the consultation.

And offcourse travelling, ...
Reference: This is a "BY INVITATION" only community. Who invited you to join this community? If you found us on the internet and do not have a reference please provide as much information as you can. Please note that we personally check references and verify your identity. PS: The yearly membership fee for new members is USD 20. Please, go to the main page and find the PayPal button to pay your membership fee.
Malene Vestergaard

Jerry Van den Bosch's Blog

How healthy are chronically ill patients after eight years of homeopathic treatment? – Results from a long term observational study

Posted on April 17, 2009 at 4:15pm 7 Comments


Background: Homeopathy is a highly debated but often used medical treatment. With this cohort study we aimed to evaluate health status changes under homeopathic treatment in routine care. Here we extend former results, now presenting data of an 8-year follow-up.

Methods: In a prospective, multicentre cohort study with 103 homeopathic… Continue

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At 10:31am on October 12, 2009, Prof Dr Debasish Kundu said…
Thanks indeed for your acceptance of friend's request, please refer to my article at JANMA
I am attached to one peer reviewed journal on Homeopathy/CAM as Executive Editor
Would you please join our Board of Editors(Hony).
Organizations I am attached to
At 4:45pm on October 10, 2009, Debby Bruck said…
U2 – Saturday Night [for Jerry] ♫
At 12:55pm on April 18, 2009, K.Srinivasa Raghavan said…
hi Jerry
Your quest for a cure is running parallel to my ideology of cure and the so called nomenclatures of dis ease is so confusing and the primary thought of curing a person(patient) has taken a second seat and the art of curing in homoeopathy has become far away object and homoeopathy instead of curing the man cares more about the methodology handling the sickly parts and for me " you use any type homoeopathy but afford a lasting cure" in the least simplest way. the apathy between the schools of thought is the potential danger and if we are divided we will be lost and the cure will be oblivion.The art of curing in homoeopathy is slowly becoming very weak and every one needs how it works(homoepaths),why it works(for allopaths)when it works(the patients)and discussion after discussion is lasting for ever and except Hahanemann's true spirit nobody will be able to give a scientific proof ,since Hahanemann had the source knowledge,and for 200years it is denied by allopaths for the fear of loosing their identity and profession and kickbacks they get from hifi med companies and the poor patients inhumanly thrown out by the allopaths as incurables and take asylum in a bleak hope with an unknowing apathy yet craving to be cured by the Homoeopaths who are still trying to find the perfect similimum for the plight of their patients but not for their dis eased condition is what is happening now.In my 15 years Homoeopathy I have cured many patients but have never found out the perfect similimum in the first time and never will do and yet always remain as a homoeopath.Unless we know how to cure a man ,like cure the patient not the disease,curing will always remain in words and not in deeds.
I never got anybody tell my feeling and you are first gentleman who reflects my thoughts and hence kindly bear with my laments for the time being and we shall continue to find out the way by uniting our ideas and until then
At 7:11am on April 14, 2009, Christel Lombaerts said…
I'm not sure yet. First get my masters' degree on Education Sciences...
At 6:37am on April 14, 2009, Annemieke Boelsma said…
Hi Jerry,

yes did you study Russian as well? I understand you will be in Leuven for the Education Symposium? See you there!
At 4:42am on April 14, 2009, Malene Vestergaard said…
And there you are my friend.. Looking forward to see you in Leuven.. Friday evening is good for me and dinner sounds greeeeeaaat!! Not too much wine though.. he he! Is 7ish good for you? And don't worry - you are not interupting anything - a gal has to eat don't she???? Enjoy this fabulous day.. Big hug!!
At 3:41am on April 14, 2009, Sam Adkins said…
Hi Jerry!
Great to see you on here also as well as Facebook! I look forward to some more discussions about all things homeopathic.
At 9:09am on April 13, 2009, Martin de Munck said…
Hi Jerry,
I think this network has great potential to inspire all who are in favor of homeopathy! Have a great World Homeopathy Awerness Week!
At 4:58pm on April 12, 2009, Debby Bruck said…
Dear Jerry ~ thrilled that folks of your caliber, level of expertise, and extensive training are on the network community. I'm sure you will be a valuable asset here to lead us forward.

happy holidays!

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