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Dr. Nancy Gahles
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Belle Harbor, NY 11694
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Looking for an alternative solution treat my son's allergic asthma, I stumbled upon the concept of constitutional medicine . I tired homeopathy and was hooked. I studied it, became the Pres. Of the National Center for Homeopathy and an ardent consumer and public policy advocate of homeopathy and its inclusion in the larger landscape of integrative medicine/healthcare. Homeopathic principles are guidelines for living a healthy and wealthy life.
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I am a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Certified Classical Homeopath an ordained Interfaith Minister, a freelance healthcare journalist, an integrative healthcare consultant and policy advocate. I have been in family practice in the Greater NY area since 1979.
I am the Exec.Dir, of Health & Harmony Wellness Education and TeleHealth & Harmony.
I am President Emeritus of the National Center for Homeopathy; At-large member of the Board of Directors of the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC); Co-Chair of IHPC Federal Policy Committee; Co-Chair of the healthcare working group of the American Sustainable Business Council; consumer representative to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners; author and lecturer.
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Relationships, community, reading, writing and my family.
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At 7:43pm on June 10, 2009, Debby Bruck said…
Excellent article written by you in latest "Homeopathy Today" magazine.
At 9:10pm on May 15, 2009, John Board said…
The first issue is not money but a desire to celebrate Hahnemann and it would begin in the afternoon of the day of the gala and with good luck it will be Obama who attends: Just like on the day in June 1900 when the guest of honor, was William McKinley, President of the United States. We must look to history of strong Americans who held high medical and political positions to call on. Dana Ullman's book or Dana himself can tell us. The last homeopath to head the Canadian Medical Association was in 1935. Many in medicine have seen the great value of Homeopathy as you know. It is an ethical moral man that we are looking for and hopefully Obama is it. Ethically Moral. A man Like Lincoln who sees the people first. If you do not dream you cannot climb mountains for there is lots not to know about when you start but if you keep your true goal in mind you will reach it. That is what i believe. A rally round the statue is a fantastic beginning of a fabulous day in American History. The Celebration of Hahnemann and Homeopathy by the people who he has helped in our current society. i understand your money crunch deeply and will always work to find the pockets who see what we are doing is not divisive bringing Hahnemann into the fold of doctor. I think doctors should be involved i clinics to steer a patient through non invasive techniques before having to use invasive techniques. It is not an impossible thought.

At 3:47pm on May 15, 2009, John Board said…
I always remember that Hahnemann has a stature in Scott Circle in Washington. I believe the only doctor who doctored who has a statue in Washington. I akways remember that Hahnemann was a Doctor too who advanced the art of medicine to new heights. They just have to recognize this.
At 3:44pm on May 15, 2009, John Board said…
You pushed at my mind. The above are my first thoughts. I think more about titles after rereading your wishes and you are bang on the money. Call it THANK YOU DOCTOR HAHNEMANN HOMEOPATHY HELPED ME GET BETTER

This is not right exactly which is why I would like the best publicist in the world to be at my elbow. Cut lines sell the picture.
I am going to the country at 4 and will be on line again at about 8.00 tonight. I hope you have a moment to reply.
At 3:26pm on May 15, 2009, John Board said…
Does your group have a publicist or a Public Relations person or a Press Agent who has the contacts and can do the news hits to all media. It is simple all this if the machinery is in place and someone has the contact.
At 3:24pm on May 15, 2009, John Board said…
what would you call the Gala - For the integration of Homeopathy into the Governments Health Program? I do not know but that too bears great thought. Next to think about is that November or December are the months to head for. Can you get in touch with Oprah and maybe if I go to one of her friends that I might know but I have not investigated that. I have not been successful yet and I am trying. I am a fun news story with great life. My You Tube song under John Board is a hoot but also teaches. I ask about your size and position in the American scene for I would go out for you not for me. That is a given and I do not have many kicks at the can so to speak. NO one has so going has to be as a messenger for a great strong group.
At 3:15pm on May 15, 2009, John Board said…
Get the venue in Washington reserved for an evening. Make it a gala affair and sell the broadcast rights to TV or cable. Send an invitation to Bill Clinton and his wife and oh yes to Obama but not before you get a hold of U2 for The Edge has a Hollywood Survival Kit. I would get in touch with Susan Sarandon who has both my kit and Pocket Pack. Even Burt Reynolds would come as i helped him on a film here in Canada and Jeremy Irons bought my first 10 Hollywood Survival Kits and his agent Fred Specktor a big cheese has one on his desk. The order of asking is most important. Even Blondie has a pocket pack. she nicknamed me Sidecar as I directed traffic with a cop sargeant on a motorcycle when we filmed Cronenberg's Videodrome with James Woods.
Or Meatloaf who used Coffea regularly but that is a longer story.
But the determination must be there and some real money put aside to work through it all. Not for me but just to be free to make the moves. That would be how I might go about putting together the Dog and Pony show in Washington. It would be a gas. Is NCH the strongest with the most members group in the USA. It is important for that would impress the people who want to say yes. Your letterhead has to have great underpinnings.
At 2:38pm on May 15, 2009, John Board said…
In films when you go out to interest people it is always called a dog and pony show. I do not know why. It has little to do with the product but with the idea of going out to strut your stuff. Of course I am interested in an Integrated Health care system in both our countries so that Homeopaths are respected by the AMA and visa versa.
At 10:17am on May 15, 2009, John Board said…
Go to my web page and scroll down my blog to see a fraction of the stories I have about stars I have worked with. I would be a great servant in your quest in Washington although I am a Canadian. I would be happy to liaise with your people where I can be of service. I am in the throes of making another music rap with a great rapper (Canadian) and it is all about flu and Homeopathy. We have a great chance right now for the WHO has made a proper fool of itself in my eyes and many in the world are asking what is really going on. Flu to me is flu and from everything I read we are champions with regards to dealing with it. I am doing my best to get to everyday people with my information and my experiential learning. I am not a homeopath and on set carry a large bag of remedies and books and I just make it available and watch the results. 25 years of watching and also using. Arnica when I worked out with Jane Fonda on Agnes of God was the beginning of my adventure really. Do I really have to buy a membership to become a part of your dog and pony show? Every cent I have is spent on this venture going out not in but if you say yes then I will be happy to pay for the privilege of serving. Thanks so much for answering my letter to you.
At 8:43pm on May 13, 2009, John Board said…
I see you are the President of National Center of Homeopathy. I looked at the site and it is another example of good work in our direction. I do wonder who really speaks for the whole community. When President Obama says get me the Homeopathic group on the line I want to speak to the president who will they call. We need to get a single voice at the top and I do not know who it is. If he says get me the President of the AMA is is a speed dial. We need that speed dial too. How to we put all the groups in a virtual room and say ok guys who is the American Homeopathic flag bearer and the center where we all bow down. It is a drag not to have this. I am available to be King.

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