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Dr. Andy Somody B.Eng CCH(Ca) ND
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Canada

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Starstruck – The Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment Of Celebrity Patients

Started this discussion. Last reply by Debby Bruck Dec 28, 2014. 1 Reply

While not exclusively a “doctor to the stars” by any means, I have certainly treated more…Continue

Tags: Imponderabilia, Imponderable, Imponderables, Star, Stars


Dr. Andy Somody B.Eng CCH(Ca) ND's Page

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Vancouver, BC, Canada
What brought you to homeopathy? Tell your 150 word inspirational story that connects you to homeopathy. How has homeopathy changed your life?
I am a graduate of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, one of only six fully-accredited naturopathic medical schools in North America. And with a premedical background in Systems Engineering, my path to becoming a naturopathic doctor and energetic healer has definitely been the road-less-traveled!
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Use homeopathy, am studying homeopathy, am a homeopath, include homeopathy in my healing practice
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To have homeopathy touch the souls of others the way it has touched mine.
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I want to promote homeopathy, I want to meet like-minded people, I want to learn more about homeopathy, I want to advocate for homeopathy, I want to learn how to market my skills, I want to join a local community of homeopaths, I want to be involved with the homeopathic community at large
Write detailed background to introduce yourself. What school did you attend? Year of graduation? Degree or diploma? Where do you practice?
Bachelor's of Electrical Engineering (Honors), Systems Option, SFU
Certified in Classical Homeopathy, CHC
Certified Bowen Health Practitioner. Bowen College
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, BINM
If you do not have a reference so that we can verify your homeopathic status, please send a copy of your homeopathy diploma and association certificates to HWCmembers at gmail dot com
On a professional level, homeopathy has blessed me with a career that is both vocation and passion, one offering endless challenges and learning opporunities, as well as the beautiful privilage to share in other person's most intimate experiences.

On a personal level, homeopathy has likewise provided me with euphoric epiphanies about myself and the universe, both through the direct effects of remedies I have received, as well as via the energy work it has permitted me to perform on patients.
What are your interests besides homeopathy? Inquiring minds want to know.
1. Naturopathic Medicine
2. The Bowen Technique
3. The NeuroEmotional technique (NET)
4. The NeuroModulation technique (NMT)
5. Reiki
6. Crystal Therapy
7. Intention Work
8. Music - composition, performance, recording & therapeutic applications
Reference: This is a "BY INVITATION" only community. Who invited you to join this community? If you found us on the internet and do not have a reference please provide as much information as you can. Please note that we personally check references and verify your identity. PS: The yearly membership fee for new members is USD 20. Please, go to the main page and find the PayPal button to pay your membership fee.

Dr. Andy Somody B.Eng CCH(Ca) ND's Blog

7-part Homeopathy Dosage and Posology Series!

Posted on April 8, 2010 at 7:30am 1 Comment

Homeopathic Dosing & Posology:

Excerpts from a 7-part series…


An Evidence-Based Response to Skeptics of Homeopathy

Posted on January 21, 2010 at 6:30am 7 Comments

An Evidence-Based Response to Skeptics of Homeopathy


I was an electrical engineer prior to entering alternative medicine and, in fact, I turned down my acceptance to a conventional medical school (which I had previously been very much hoping to attend) on discovering naturopathic medicine during the applications process. At that time, I had no knowledge of homeopathy, however, but was really into the gym and nutrition, and felt that I wanted to be in a…


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At 5:26pm on August 2, 2010, Dr. Peter H Kay said…
Many thanks Andy, I look forward to helping the community to benefit from amalgamation of our diverse thoughts, views and understandings.
At 3:20am on June 18, 2010, Dr Zahir Alam said…
thank u very much..............considering me as friend................
At 2:18am on May 23, 2010, Dr Ravi Doctor said…
Hey Andy...thanx ya... u bet .. my last name is people address me
dr doctor.... sounds cool.... oh yeah Dr Farokh is good.. actually i worked with him for may be 2 years or so in 97or probably 98.......hey u welcome to India... its a mecca for Homeopathy....... welll u have a great weekend pal.. take care ...
At 12:24pm on May 6, 2010, Dr. nalini bajaj said…
purple is the color of Royalty/...:)
At 12:13pm on May 5, 2010, Dr. Andy Somody B.Eng CCH(Ca) ND said…
The show looks fantastic, and thanks for your offer - I'd love to be on it!

The only hitch is that I don't have any plans to travel out East in the near future.

Do you ever conduct long-distances interviews via video or audio up-link, or by other means?

If not, it shouldn't be a problem - I'll just take a look at upcoming Toronto conferences and opportunities, and see if I can't kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Heck, if all else fails, I've got a couple east-coast patients who together owe me a fair bit of coin, so I could always write this off as "collections" trip :)

Now that'd be a strong deterrent against re-offense! "If you're ever foolish enough as to owe me money, I'll make it my personal mission to hunt you down and reclaim what's rightfully mine - even if I have to fly to the other side of the country to do so!" :)
At 9:47pm on May 4, 2010, Bryce Wylde said…
Thank you, and likewise! I'd love to have you on my show at some point in the near future... here is a little more about it. Please let me know when you may be in T.O.

Wylde on Health Synopsis and Reach.ppt
At 9:27am on March 20, 2010, DR K.S.MAHAJAN said…
Dr. Andy Somody It is pleasure for me to become your friend today. thanks
At 10:13pm on March 19, 2010, DR K.S.MAHAJAN said…
Hi Dr. Andy it is pleasure the dynamic person like you are member of HWC i think people like you accept homeopathy it is achievement and ideal for promoting homeopathy world wide thanks for being member of HWC
At 3:24am on February 27, 2010, Dr. Andy Somody B.Eng CCH(Ca) ND said…
My two-second sound-bite for Bowen is: "Acupuncture without the needles ... but not like Acupressure :) ".

The longer version is that it is a physical manipulative technique very similar to Craniosacral or Reiki (the latter only really being true in my strange hybrid version), and it essentially involves the gentle reorientation of the superficial fascia in such a manner as to cause long-standing and ideally permanent realignment and balancing of the fascia, muscles, tendons, bones ... and basically all deeper structures!

In fact, there are many alternative practitioners who more or less use Bowen as their core treatment modality, as it can theoretically treat virtually anything. My first teacher, knowing my interest in homeopathy, even once noted the many parallels she saw between the two fields with regards to applications and theory. Of course, I've since come to realize that these parallels are due to an even deeper truth that really all healing modalities touch on (stuff like the direction of cure vs. that of disease, the minimum dose, etc.). Yet it is true that few of these modalities truly honor the concept of the minimum dose like Bowen or homeopathy.

Just as the path most take in homeopathy and naturopathic medicine begins with many years of academia and testing, which typically requires use of only certain discrete portions of one's brain, followed by practical work, which accesses other heretofore undiscovered areas of the brain ... so to does the path to mastering Bowen only begin with the didactic work one is taught in class. Intuition and theory eventually meld to create a unique treatment for each patient as an individual - as is the case in homeopathy, naturopathy (the latter, at least the way I prefer to practice), and truly any healing modality.

- Andy

Dr. Andy Somody, B.Eng, C.B.H.T., C.C.H.(Ca), N.D.
Naturopathic Doctor
Certified Classical Homeopath
Certified Bowen Therapist
At 10:39pm on February 23, 2010, Katalin J Cowan said…
So nice to see a fellow Canadian and from my home town: Vancouver. I see that you utilize the Bowen Technique. Can you explain what that entails?

Welcome to HWC! Looking forward to your input.




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