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At 8:49pm on September 9, 2011, Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. said…
John, I would try Camphora in the 6x or 6c potency. You know the routine of application. Please let me know the result.

I don't know any homoeopaths in Saigon, so I cannot help you with that query. Possibly there is someone on this site who has that information.
At 1:39pm on January 25, 2010, Gina Tyler DHOM said…
Dear John
I have traveled alot in and out of USA borders and all over this planet including to 3rd world countries with homeopathic remedies on me,never a problem. I dont do anything special,I dont know anyone special,The FDA approves Homeopathy Not a problem.
At 6:27pm on December 28, 2009, John Board said…
"Popular Reality" is the world that we function (or dysfunction) in. The world of incessant news, chronic retail merchandising, politically instilled fear, the failure to connect with family and friends because of technology...
A friend of mine just wrote that and it seemed to have a clarity I had not thought of before.
Time speaks to all questions.
At 4:21pm on December 28, 2009, Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. said…
Hi John,

welcome to my circle of friends. Am sure we can work together to spread agrohomoeopathy all over the place!
At 9:54pm on December 22, 2009, Katja Schütt said…
Hi John !
Thanks for accepting my friendship ! We live in the upper north of Germany, near Hamburg. I look forward to the next teleconference !

Best regards,
At 8:52am on December 22, 2009, John Board said…
Ah the roar of the crowd. Thanks for the enjoyment. I hope you will help us make April 10th a great day for Hahnemann in Germany. I can hardly wait as we dot the world map with birthday parties and concerts and fairs all to celebrate Hahnemann's 254th birthday. How can you create an event? How can you help mobilize special moments on this special day.
I promise more raps as I have time to do them. It is just one of the ways I promote Homeopathy. Please send it on.
be well!!!
At 8:04am on December 22, 2009, Katja Schütt said…
Hi John ! I've heard you yesterday at the teleconference and just watched the Rap video Dr.Guillermo mentioned. It IS absoutely fantastic !!! Will you produce more of them ??

Best regards,
At 9:33pm on October 29, 2009, Gina Tyler DHOM said…
Hi John
You bring up an important issue,Promotion of homeopathy.

Just by curiosity i did a "google search''-using only the word HOMEOPATHY.
To my surprize
4,700,000 result hits came on-OK you might say "GREAT".
If you scroll down-the 3rd result is under
The most vile anti-homeopathic site ever!
Now why is that?
And how can we change that on the biggest search engine on this planet?
Any Ideas?
At 6:32pm on October 1, 2009, Debby Bruck said…
Great Job promoting homeopathy in the New York Times. We all need to register, sign in and comment on pertinent articles. Then it is important to support each other with RATING and VOTING UP.
At 10:15pm on May 15, 2009, John Board said…
In this day and age in America we know that a rally can succeed or fail and will bring some out. We need much more than that and with hard effort we will have it. I am sure we should try for the top of the mountain now. I was talking to Debby and she would love to talk to you personally if you will call her. She wants to strengthen everyone and if we are all strong together she feels we can go forward beautifully. I agree. Give her a shout when you get a moment. Please.
At 4:50pm on May 15, 2009, Dr. Nancy Gahles said…
Beautifully put, John. We are standing at the stead of and for Dr. Hahnemann. Clearly advancing the art and science of medicine or true healing. A rally a round the statue would be nice. We simply need numbers and press.
At 4:16pm on May 15, 2009, Dr. Nancy Gahles said…
We are the largest membership organization for homeopathy in America and because we are a membership organization, we exist on our membership fees only and 4 annual fund raising letters. We do have apublicist/media person, we do NOT have any working capital to fund a gala of this nature. The economy has taken a serious toll on our iincome. We do need celebrity spokepeople to drive membership or a fundraiser in order to HAVE a gala OR a satisfied celeb who wants to FUND a gala. Keep thinking! For homeopathy to stay alive we need to keep our place at the table. We have a seat now..we need to build on that with a clear message and the voices of the people behind us!
have a great weekend.
At 2:51pm on May 15, 2009, Dr. Nancy Gahles said…
John, think about a way we could inform, educate and create a grassroots star studded event for homeopathy awareness. ( In your spare time).The legislators want to hear from their constituents and from real people with real stories of healing using homeopathy. Safe, effective , gentle and affordable.
At 2:40pm on May 15, 2009, Dr. Nancy Gahles said…
OK. You are welcome to join our efforts. Hope to see you at the annual conference!
At 2:30pm on May 15, 2009, Dr. Nancy Gahles said…
If you wish to be part of a community of people interested in homeopathy, promoting it to the world, and maintaining the integrity of the profession as well as ensuring access to homeopathic remedies for consumers and practitioners alike then you should become an active member of The National Center for Homeopathy. If you are looking for a dog and pony show, the NCH will not met your needs.
At 10:02am on May 15, 2009, Dr. Nancy Gahles said…
Dear John,
The National Center for Homeopathy IS the go-to resource for homeopathy in this country. Join us and become a part of the membership whixh includes consumers, practitioners, pharmacists, manufacturers, book sellers, educators and all those interested in homeopathy. We are the unified voice for homeopathy. I have been in Washington, DC several times speaking to the Senators and Congresspeople about homeopathy in the healthcare reform agenda. I have represented the NCH at the recent IOM summit. The NCH is a participant in all the coalitions formed to support and advance wellness paradigms. We are a working member of Partners for health, Integrative Healthcare Consortium, a group formed at the request of the legislators to inform them of CAM, etc. Particulary, Sen. Harkin and Milkulski. I will be meeting with the Surgeon General shortly to discuss epidemics like the swine flu and homeopathy's remarkable role in dieseases like this.The NCH works hard to inform and promote homeopathy here and abroad. We support legislation, inform media, create media opportunities and articles, op-ed columns, etc along with our community outreach and educational programs. Please join us. We need your support, your activism and your enthusiasm. We are a membership organization..we NEED members to support the work we do. Now is a crucial time to gain the foothold we need to become part of the "story" in the overall healthcare agenda. Go on our website and join for $49.! If you have a special talent or skill , the Board of Directors has a Liason program that we can talk about. Worry no more! What you are wishing for DOES exist. Films and stories of people b eing helped with homeopathy is a great way to work with the NCH to get the message out. let' talk!
Many blessings,
At 1:26pm on May 11, 2009, Dr Leonardo Lara C MD-MD(H) said…
Hi John. Thanks so much for your good comments. Yes Sr, when I worked as a MD in E.R I got sick and I undertood some things: 1: Our health system damage allopathic medicine. 2: Many of the medicines that we prescribe can be more harmful that the disease itself. 3: Both Allopathy and Homeopathy should be complementary. 4: Homeopathy is more human. 5: Every good allopathy doctor should consider homeopathy as a working tool. etc.etc. Well John let me know more about you and the homeopathy. Best Regards Leonardo Lara This is my Blog: well... Finally let me tell you that although I don't know CANADA, I LOVE YOUR COUNTRY and I wish someday to know and maybe to live in your country. Bye
At 8:30pm on May 10, 2009, Debby Bruck said…
I appreciate your enthusiasm and support.
At 12:57pm on May 10, 2009, Debby Bruck said…
Here is response to your question about followers.
At 10:35am on May 10, 2009, Homeopathic Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz said…
Hi, John

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