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At 11:16am on April 15, 2011, nikhida faslin said…

thank you sir for the welcome ,

looking forward to learn more from here.

At 11:47am on April 13, 2011, Nader said…
Dear Dr Wequar,
Thanks a lot for adding me to HWC. I hope to learn more here.Regrading History of Homeopathy in Iran although Homeopathy had been practicing now and then from many years ago but it was recognized legally by Ministry of Health since 1996, but only MD Homeopaths can practice legally. For full history of Homeopathy in Iran you can refer to website of LMHI
Kind Regards,
At 1:01pm on March 2, 2011, Dr. Manoj said…
thank u doctor........i just finished my final yr exams & i m waiting for my was very nice 2 hear from u doctor.......
At 4:06pm on February 22, 2011, Todd Rowe said…

Dear Dr. Khan


Thank you for your interest.  The practice situation here in the US is changing over time.  In regards to the situation at the college currently: 


The American Medical College of Homeopathy is opening its doctoral program in February, 2011 (  This is a four-year full-time program.  Graduates of this program are slated to be granted the degree Doctor of Homeopathy (DH) and will be licensed in the State of Arizona


1.  The American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH) is accepting transfer of students (advanced standing) from other countries for students wishing to relocate to the United States (Arizona).  DHMS and BHMS degree and diploma holders would be able to place out of the following;

  • DHMS: 2 years (must matriculate through the program for two years)
  • BHMS: 2 ½ years (must matriculate through the program for 18 months)

2.  AMCH would not be able to offer student visas at this time (no other US homeopathic are able to offer this either).  The Council on Homeopathic Education (CHE) is pursuing United States Department of Education (USDE) recognition and if successful would make accredited institutions eligible for granting of student visas.  In practice, this is likely 3 years away at the time of this writing.

3.  US homeopathic schools are generally unable to provide housing although can assist students in finding housing options. 

4.  Licensure for homeopathic practice for the Doctor of Homeopathy is only slated to occur in Arizona at this time.  We plan on gradually expanding this to other states over time.

5.  The scope of the DH license currently is limited to the practice of homeopathic medicine only.  This does not include surgery or prescribing of pharmaceutical drugs.


I hope this helps to clarify somewhat.  









At 4:44am on February 13, 2011, Viktor Kalocsai said…

Dear Dr Khan,


Thank you for your friendship! Your are a Great Man and Soul Dr Khan. Many people should realize the importance of charity in their lives as no amount of money can procure the bliss that we attain by serving others. Not a single person can carry even a fistful of dust at the time of departing from the world. When we leave our body, we carry with us only the good and bad that we have done in our lives.

Indeed, Yoga is something that we couldn't leave from our daily routines. After acquiring and understanding the knowledge of what it is, meditation becomes the part the daily routines that we exercise. Meditation is the Life itself. Starting from the basic postures and techniques as the beginners stage then implementing the core into our lives just like the bodies organs depend on each other.


Let us then be up and doing, With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait.


Blessings like rain,


At 2:58am on January 19, 2011, muhammad riaz said…
app ki pic dekhi haen mai ne bohat achi hai u r so great and nice person
At 3:49pm on January 14, 2011, Sima Ash said…
Thank you Dr. Wequar for your warm welcome. I am Glad to be part of HWC with like minded people.
At 12:37am on January 5, 2011, Dr. Anjali Nalya said…

Thank You Sir


At 6:15am on December 17, 2010, Dr. Nancy Malik said…

Thank You Dr. Wequar for following my posts. Better late than never




At 1:33pm on November 1, 2010, Kuldip Singh said…
Many many thanks for your so very sweet & kind words. I felt overwhelmed.
At 1:31pm on October 8, 2010, Anirban Sukul said…
Dear Dr Wequar. thanks for ur msg. We r organizing an international conference in Kolkata during 10-12 Dec 2010. i would like to invite u. pl send me ur email. all best
At 3:50am on September 19, 2010, Muhammad Afzal Sandhu said…
Dear sir sorry for a late replying.A.A.M.C. satands for Advance Acupuncture and Moxibustion Training Certificatre awarded by China Beijing international Acupuncture training centre.Beining
At 3:22pm on September 18, 2010, Dr.Sadhana Gaykar said…
Sorry Sir, I was away frm my PC
At 8:21am on September 14, 2010, Jessica Galligani said…
Thank you for taking the time to welcome me and to view my blog. I am versed on homeopathy, as I have been researching it for 4 years. I did take a break from it temporarily, while we got our older son's health in order, since his (then chosen) constitutional, along with many other attempted remedies to reverse vaccine damage, didn't make any changes. We spent the last two years addressing dietary needs and battling with pathogens as well as heavy metal overload. We are in a place where he is now responding to his newly prescribed constitutional very well. We started with C potency to make sure his responses would be positive and have just yesterday moved him on to LM dosing. I am VERY excited about the possibilities and the few changes we have already witnessed!

I am looking forward to developing relationships and learning everything I can from them here!
At 3:13pm on September 6, 2010, Neelam Chordiya said…
Thanks a lot for ur warm wellcome !!! n also thanks for the comments!!!
Looking forward to learn many intresting n new things frm U n HWC as m jst a bignner n has started my pactice jst 2 yrs back.
Tk cr
At 11:50am on August 11, 2010, Dr Alok Mishra said…
Good day sir,
Thank you for showing interest in me. I am pursuing MD under guidance of Professor Dr LM Khan, he is one of the genius in Homoeopathy. After coming to Kolkata I have learned that before this I knew nothing about Homoeopathy and how much more to learn. I'll definitely convey your regerds to Professor Khan. He still resides at 5, Marquis Road Kolkata. Sorry for delay. Hope for a early reply.

Dr Alok Mishra
At 9:21am on August 6, 2010, DR. NARENDRA MEHTA said…
I am in USA i will give more after coming to Mumbai India.
i would ;like to know are from where?
At 10:43pm on July 19, 2010, Lynn Cremona said…
It is my honor to help new BIH students of Homeopathy to find their way, and hasten their learning curve. Being a tutor has made me a better student of Homeopathy.
Since my days of growing and preparing herbal tinctures, I found Homeopathy to be a much more accurate science than Herbology.

I look forward to learning and contributing to the discussions.
At 1:25pm on July 17, 2010, Dr Deepti G Nair said…
Dear Dr Khan,
I feel myself lucky that god gave me a chance to be a student of Fr mullers. I was a student of 5th batch. Hospital is now at Derlakatte. It has IP and OP.The college offers now post graduate courses in organon and homoeopathic philosophy,Materia medica,pharmacy,psychiatry and peadiatrics.

Dr Deepti
At 8:16am on July 7, 2010, Dr. Bulbul Banerjea said…
Thanks Dr. Ali Khan for your warm welcome.

I acknowledge your views on Miasms and would definitely like to discuss with you about complications of miasmatically dominant cases in patients.

I agree with your opinion about Dr. S. Banerjea, who is a genius in his field and needs no introduction. I had a great time during my further education in his classes which were extremely loaded with knowledge and information. Im proud to come from Calcutta as well where a person like him lives there and has taken the world by storm.
Nice to have you as a member of HWC.

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