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Lorne P. Moyer's Comments

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At 8:28am on June 9, 2011, Dr. Divyesh Kapadia said…

Hello Lorne !

Very proud to hear from you.your struggule against disease is appreciating. We will eager

to know moreabout your latest finding in Cancer.

Dr.Divyesh Kapadia

At 4:16pm on May 25, 2010, Lorne P. Moyer said…
here is the rest of the above letter!!
Below is the current list of What CANNOT be sold; expect it to grow. I would
urge any of you who thought that our favourite polycrests, among other
remedies would remain untouched to reconsider this. Personally speaking I
can see where this might lead, toxins, nosodes, sarcodes are all up for
scrutiny and possible banning. Arsenicum cold very likely be a casualty to
the ignorance. NOTE that prior to the strontium de-list it had been issued a
DIN HPN number by Health Canada; which now that they have reviewed have
since revoked. When I mention 'reviewed' the deal is this; in 2004 when all
this began Health Canada couldn't keep up with the demands of reviewing the
enormous number of products available - Din HPN's were issued blind so that
businesses could continue in the interim. The interim has caught up. Now
that the numbers are issued - they are now reviewing what specifically is
attached to them.

As a sidebar - homeopathic VETERINARY remedies

If you have specific questions for me, related to Homeocan remedies PLEASE -
contact me directly DO NOT USE chat room for that.

Current list - FORBIDDEN FOR SALE BY Health canada

Cannabis indica

Cannabis sativa


Cocainum muriaticum


Erythroxylon coca


Morphinum aceticum

Morphinum muristicum

Morphinum sulphuricum





Iridium metallicum

Radium bromatum

Strontium bromatum

Strontium carbonicum

Strontium nitricum

Uranium nitricum
At 4:16pm on May 25, 2010, Lorne P. Moyer said…
This is a copy of a letter sent by a supplier of Homeopathics in Canada, Does anyone else in the world have similar problems?

Hi all;

This is not meant to create panic, but I want to share what I think is
important information regarding access to our remedies. The reach of Health
Canada is beginning to show itself directly in our access to single
remedies. The list of remedies that are no longer available for sale in
Canada is growing. To date the obvious ones that we are familiar with have
fallen under the narcotic umbrella, deemed unsafe by Health Canada. However
a new set has been added to that and it would seem that this is only going
to be the beginning. Time to stock up on what may not be available, quite
possibly, tomorrow.

Strontium brom, carb, and nit have all been placed onto the DO NOT SELL
status. Deemed UNSAFE, with no back up of reason. Further, the hoops and
beurocratic red tape that Health Canada is forcing upon manufacturer's of
said product is beyond daunting. Any customer that has purchased said
product in the last year, MUST be contacted and informed.. The product
returned for 'proof of destruction' and documentation is fully expected by
the government, should an audit be in order. That means the Gov't could, if
they wanted to . inspect practitioners pharmacies to ensure that nothing
illicit/illegal is among the compounds.

; specific to animals are
currently under suspension and review - health Canada currently forbids sale
of such until review is completed.
At 3:42pm on May 25, 2010, Lorne P. Moyer said…
For anyone who has some time to watch it this is a scientific rendering of the pro's and cons of Homeopathy. There are several speakers so keep an open mind.
Iris Bell, PhD, MD, talked up homeopathy at the University of Arizona
Medical Center on December 3, 2009. You can hear her talk on a free
webcast at: http://streaming. biocom.arizona. edu/event/ ?id=22585

At 10:24pm on May 24, 2010, Lorne P. Moyer said…
Thanks for the invite Anne I will find time in the near future to join up.
regards lorne
At 5:47am on May 6, 2010, Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) said…
Welcome to the world of homoeopathy.
At 4:23am on May 3, 2010, Katja Schütt said…
Dear Lorne !
Welcome at HWC ! I'm happy you joined our community and I'm sure you will find a lot of interesting contributions and friends here !
We hope to hear more from you and look forward to your contributions !

Greetings from Germany,
At 2:49am on May 3, 2010, Dr. Satish Kumar Rana said…
Thanks for joining the wonderful community. Hope to find much educational from you.
At 8:51pm on May 2, 2010, Lorne P. Moyer said…
Thankyou for such a exuberant, warm welcome, I hope I can help make a difference.
At 5:49pm on May 2, 2010, Gudny Osk Didriksdottir said…
Welcome on board to our wonderful HWC community Lorne - together we can make HOMEOPATHY an every day household word all around the world - I´m looking forward to seeing your inputs on the walls of our Groups here.
To your health, Gudny Osk
At 5:15pm on May 2, 2010, Debby Bruck said…
Dear Lorne ~ We are so happy to have you working with us to create Waves of Awareness and educate the public. Be well, Debby*
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