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Myriam Shivadikar's Comments

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At 6:34pm on January 13, 2011, Hassun Shkeel Ali Khizrie Cheema said…
Respected Dear Myriam Shivadikar,live long and ever happy.

I regret in replying late and feel grateful and thankful from depths of my heart,actually this is what Sir Benjamin Franklin said. May God bless you strength for what you are doing for all beings on this planet of earth of ours.

Thanking you,


Hassun Cheema.
At 9:25am on December 31, 2010, Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari said…
Hi Myriam, wishing you a very happy new year. Would like to know more as to how do you use Astrology in your practice. Dushyant.
At 12:51am on August 24, 2010, H Dr Zahid Ali said…
Hi Myriam,
I am glad to have a friend like you, I am very much impressed by your service and experience in Homeopathy. it is good that you are also interested in Spirituality. We can have a lot of discussion in this topic. Dear Myriam I would like to ask about further study in UK. As I am qualified in Homeopathy as a Diploma holder (D.H.M.S) and As a practitioner working for the last several years. Kindly give me guidance about further study of Homeopathy in UK, as you teach in several of the mainstream homeopathic colleges in the UK. I hope I can have much information’s from you in this matter.
Thanks for being my friend. Zahid Ali
At 2:59pm on October 17, 2009, Jill Howes said…
Hi Myriam, Welcome, I am trying to find your email to ask you about a project on Narayani rx's , as cant make your seminar on 5 Dec. in Hove although local. I am at if you are able to contact. Thanks.
At 1:07pm on September 24, 2009, Gudbjorg gylfadottir said…
..and u to :) and i will see you tomorrow as well and saturday AND sunday... it´s gona be fun !!!
At 3:15am on September 23, 2009, Dr Ajay Yadav said…
hii thats g8 see u in dec in mumbai dr
wish we have some good talk on homeopathy
thanks lot
At 7:27pm on September 22, 2009, Anna Birna Ragnarsdóttir said…
Thank you and the same back to you :)
At 10:13am on September 16, 2009, DR K.S.MAHAJAN said…
Hi Myriam Shivadikar welcome to Homeopathy World Community.i am happy to see you here you are doing astrology with homeopathy how it works could you share it ?This is opportunity to you for wide exposure .thanks seeing you again.
At 6:34am on September 15, 2009, Sveinbjörg Kristjansdottir said…
Hi Myriam,
yes and i was on that lecture :) Outstanding i must say!
I was sitting two rows behind Þorbjörg´s friend, if you remember, also you´ll be teaching us the next school weekend.
Looking forward seeing you again.

Best wishes
At 12:36pm on July 28, 2009, Giuseppe Spinelli said…
Yes!!! I love to remember magic moment... and share it with my friends.
Nice to meet you even if only by web.
At 12:36am on May 14, 2009, K.Srinivasa Raghavan said…
Madam Myriam,
thank you for your all kindness about your prescriptions and Narayani article and about akashic records which is called the book of knowledge and book of records and the one you asked about it is called Nadi astrology. Nadi in Tamil means "to go in search" and a person who goes in search of it only will get it.I have already got it done and it gives almost all the details of your previous birth and the past life in this birth and about the future it is not elaborate and only sketchy out line unless there is a specific mission or humane task that you should undertake to finish it.there are hundred of nadi reading centres but only very few are reliable.the modes operandi is like this.As and when you are destined to go there they will take your thumb impression on a register and start searching the palm leaves,stalked inside in thousands,which are supposed to be written for the human beings by the great Sages like Agasthya,Brihu,Viswamithra,Vasishta and the great sage Sukha.They will after some time come out with bundles of palm leaves and take you to a private room and after usual prayers they will start reading your name and names of your father,mother and tell you to verify the names and first few may or may not concur with your name or other details.Some times it takes more than one or two hours to search the correct nadi leaves that matches with you,your parents and number of brothers and sisters.If the names concurs then they will start reading you nadi chapters which are mostly written in very ancient Tamil Language. they will show you the leaves if you want to see,if you are curious.They will literally translate the same to the colloquial Tamil language and explain it you and some times they even translate in English as well.The best part of it they copy the whole verses in a 40 pages note book and also give you a audio cassette of what they read if you want it.For all they charge around around 15 to20 pounds. If you are interested do not hesitate to tell me I shall go to them,as it is nearby around 2 miles, and ask whether it is possible to give it " in absentia" of the person.But they may need the thumb impression.About me they have correctly mentioned my name,parents name,wife's name and the present job( a government finance job) and the service of Homoeopathy(the word homoeopathy is not given but named as "mind medicine") medicine I am doing now and this medical service will reach to only certain height at the age of 56 and I was a poojari(person who performs prayers and ablutions in temple) in Kasi Viswantha temple of Varanasi(Kasi) in my previous birth and so on.This is not the forum we can discuss these things hence,if you don't mind,if you can give me your email like me so that other than homoeopathy we can exchange our views or any mode as you deem appropriate.Sorry for my English language since my entire curricula was in Tamil and switched over to English only at the Undergraduate level.You may even correct it when find inappropriate in next post

Best Wishes
At 12:26pm on May 11, 2009, K.Srinivasa Raghavan said…
thank you very much for your delightfully quick reply.Of course as you said he is cent percent a sycotic person with the problem of warts in the clavicle region and very much affected by water,cloudy weather and always catching cold.I have already given him,one year back, Medhorrinum 1M 4 doses, each one dose a month and had given Pulsatilla 30 one drop in quarter cup of water for over 15 days and stopped it to remove the first sycotic layer. I would advise him to take rest of these remedies and about that Narayani kidney cleanser and is it available in India?I am eager to know the details and if you could pass on this information via my email,please, about that article about it.once again I am indeed very thankful to you .Let God Narayana shower His blessings on your good deeds.We shall continue posting letters and if you are interested in any other topic.I am interested in some esoteric things like "Accessing Akashic records which is called the Book of Records about present,future and past too which is accessed through the help of Masters and Guides to know about it,which is in etheric form, if you are spiritually inclined and follow certain methodologies and I have not done so far but would like to give a try for this also.Thank you and rest in next post


At 1:16am on May 11, 2009, K.Srinivasa Raghavan said…
thank you Myriam for your reply and thank you for suggestions and particulars about diabetic and for your information I am a very strict vegan(very rarely take Garlic and onion since these two should be used as a medicine and not as a food and not also as condiments) and my meal consists of vegetables,pulses,cereals and little rice without much salt and my only bad habit is take four strong coffee with very little milk without sugar for over 15 years and as I do not like milk and to read more about me kindly read my page and blogs and do write to me if not frequently and exchange your knowledge about Homoeopathy and spiritual ideas and my next question is the chronic nasal catarrh in the morning like a boiled starch
which becomes worst if my friend takes only spicy food and exposed to dust and rainy weather not otherwise.I have given Argent nit, Natsulph,sabadilla,nuxvom,tecu manram,kali bich,nat mur and so on.He is afraid of diseases and death and irritability,and has strong tinnitus for the past 15 years and chronic right ear discharge after breakfast and of late these allergic problem/s has also resulted in irritable bowel syndrome.So irritability of the mind and the body.Any remedy is very welcome.He is very fair,59ksgs,170cms which is for your information.If possible get me a reply and God bless you

At 10:21am on May 10, 2009, K.Srinivasa Raghavan said…
Hi Myriam,
Your powerful horoscope with Mars in its own house and with Jupiter and Mercury in the 11th house and ascendant along with Venus and Raghu and your Saturn in its own house tells about the guru mangala(Mars and Jupiter conjunct yoga),rajayoga aspects show about your intellect,sharp and aggressive learning and sustainable wealth with deep interest in different cultures and spirituality.
About Homoeopathy is there any preventive remedy for genetic diabetics(parental inheritance) and await your reply

At 6:27pm on May 5, 2009, Torbjörg Gudjónsdóttir said…
Hi Myriam, thank you for telling me about this community.
I see so many interesting people on the line and it is also a good way to get to know nice people all over the world.
So many of theim have so beautiful light. See you soon in Iceland.
love and light
At 1:46pm on May 4, 2009, K.Srinivasa Raghavan said…
Hi Myriam Shivadikar,
it is interesting to note that we both r sharing the same interests visiting sacred sites and spiritual people..I have learnt little bit of vedic astrology and also a divine healer and trying to access the "Akashic records or the Book of knowledge.Do you have any personal knowledge about it and one can access the Akshic records through the Masters divine help then we may be able to our a see our and what is in store for us in future and the masters will also show the right path to follow and can dissolve the karmic debt.If your Jupiter is strong then you will learn all these good esoteric arts and God Bless you.If you are interested then answer this post and I shall be glad to talk to you.

At 8:19am on May 3, 2009, Mark O'Sullivan said…
Hi Myriam, Homeopathy is alive and well in Ireland, though we have some of the same issues as our UK cousins with vocal sceptics and a media only too keen to facilitate them.

Despite this there are persisting folk traditions that put faith in alternatives and homeopathy benefits from this along with the other holistic arts.

Nuala would definitely belong to this tradition and the work she did in the late lamented Burren school was legendary. Many of my friends and colleagues took part in the provings of Vacuum, Amber, Time, Mobile Phone, Fox's blood and Fire. Ali Glasscott, whose seminar on Autism took place here in Dublin recently is one practitioner who regularly uses Nuala's remedies and I understand Ignis has a widespread therapeutic use for burns in India.
At 9:07am on April 30, 2009, Gudny Osk Didriksdottir said…
Hi hi Myriam - long time no see ;) - I now live abroad and haven´t been able to join all your recent seminars you´ve been doing in Iceland, but is clever enough to get notes and description to follow ;)
Good to see you here - it is a GREAT community of wonderful people with the same love in heart - the love for Homeopathy.
At 7:58am on April 30, 2009, Mark O'Sullivan said…
Hi Miriam, I don't think we have - I just liked your profile so I sent you a friend request.
At 11:54am on April 28, 2009, DR. SUBHAS SINGH said…
i will convey your regards. Can i add from my side that you want him to be a guided genius rather than the misguided one (joke).

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