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World Spiritual Health Day Begins WHAW Celebration

Respected Colleagues,

I am highly pleased to receive positive response from celebrated members of HWC on my proposal to UN Secretary  General urging the world body to declare 10th April as "World Spiritual Health  Day" on the occasion of birth day of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. I have not yet received any acknowledgement for my proposal by the UN.

It will be appreciated if all the members continue campaign for the recognition of the day by the UN before April next.




Dr. Md. Fazlul Karim,

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Comment by Dr. Md. Fazlul Karim on March 26, 2012 at 4:47am
Thank you very much for your kind supporting our great cause to declare 10th April as World Spiritual Health Day commemorating birth Anniversary of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
Bangladesh Homoeopathic Community has made a remarkable progress in its efforts to achieve the goal. The Government of Bangladesh and UN Agency in Dhaka have also endorse fully our views on the matter and urge the UN Body to declare 10th April as World Spiritual Health Day.
We are awaiting a favourable reply from the Chief Executive General of UN Banki-Moon. Please write separately to the UN Chief for fulfilling the objective and also please give message to other homoeopaths across the globe to make effort a complete success.
I on behalf of homoeopathic community of Bangladesh once again thank you for responding to our communication to the world body.
With highest regards.
Comment by Debby Bruck on March 21, 2012 at 6:11pm

One year later an announcement was written in the news.
Docs urge UN to declare 10th Apr as World Spiritual Health Day

Thank you for contacting the UN Secretary General again this year. Who else was involved in this agenda? What progress are you making with this proposal? I have no idea about the regular process and length of time it takes to get approval. Would it make any difference if our HWC members wrote emails or letters?

We are less than 3 weeks World Homeopathy Awareness Week will be here. To have the national level acknowledge this day would be a great statement of confirmation. Our community already celebrates a special week to educate the public and also honor Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the physician who codified the homoeopathic system of medicine in his "Organon of Medicine."

Thank you again for speaking on behalf all those who love homeopathy. We applaud Bangladesh for taking this grand step forward. In what ways will the U.N. observe a World Spiritual Health Day? Is it just a declaration? Do they raise a flag? Is there an announcement? I'm sure it would be put on a calendar from the United Nations. Wouldn't it be glorious if all leaders of the world heard this pronouncement to recognize Hahnemann in the halls of that great building?

Please let us know any further news as you hear it. Blessings, Debby

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