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Let people say what they say about Homoeopathy. Those who do not labor hard they could not achieve success. But it is in human nature to criticize and snare at what the do not know. People pelted stones at Galileo when he said that the earth is round, at that period people used to think that the earth was flat. To day every one know the truth. The satellites' photos of earth proved the truth. When Hahnemann invented the theory of SIMILIA i. e. HOMOEOPTHY. He was strongly opposed by those who believed in the theory in vouge in his time. But Hanemann continued his labors to perfect his invention, and who ever studied his philosophy and tried it according the principles of Homoeopathy became ardent follower and kept the torch of the science of CURE lighted and high. I request the Homoeopathic brethren to reveal the truth of the efficacy of Homoeopathy to the world by their Practice of service of the sick; curing the sick through the minute doses of Homoeopathic remedies. I am trying the same. I am keeping the record of each case and the pathological findings of the patients for future reference so that nobody could challenge me for my claim about the cases. Some of the proof has been given on the site

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Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on September 12, 2009 at 4:39pm
Dr Shailendra,

I agree with both Bob and yourself. As you state, when people come together they only form a crowd but when they have a common goal it becomes a movement. However, the opposition is also organised with the goal of bringing homoeopathy down.
Elsewhere in these threads i have stated that our best chance of defeating the big$$$, is by activating our client base, which is 3 billion people strong. When they come together with the goal of protecting their right to chose the treatment they prefer, even the biggest $$$ make no difference, since then we have a greatest movement of all.
Evidently, this requires we are homoeopaths and no mixopaths. We need to follow the principles to really be successful. That said, satisfied clients only come from such practise. Satisfied clients are our greates assets and they are the ones who stand to lose most if a ban ever occurs. I for one would simply continue and risk all for this great science.
Comment by Shailendra Kumar Mamgain on September 9, 2009 at 6:19am
Dr. Bruck no doubt you may be justified that one day homoeopathy
may get banned under the pressure $$$ lobby. But you know Hahnamann
was all alone when he invented Homoeopathy and he was bitterly
opposed by the establshed system of that time and the court yet he
continued his research and established the natural science of CURE and
enjoyed world wide fame and devoted disciple and followers. I believe
if every practitioner of Homoeopathy start working sincerely on the tested
principles found out by Hahnemann during half century of his life the
results thus achieve will create belief and confidence in general public
of every cast and creed and then Homoeopathy will get its due place.
Homoeopathy had not been harmed so much by its opponents during
the past as much it has been harmed by those who practice
poly pharmacy and prescribe specifics (patents) in the name of the
science. You know when people gather they form only a crowd;
but when they gather with an aim and a mission then it become a
movement. Let the individual Homoeopathic physicians start following
the principles and serve the sick accordingly. The science of
Homoeopathy will shine and the opponents will come to their knees
Comment by Dr. Robert Bruck on September 7, 2009 at 3:15pm
Shailendra- your points are well thought out and indeed I use to feel the same way about a number of organized conspiracies. However, I have changed my mind about many contemporary situations. If an individual does not believe that homeopathy has utility- its fine, and they have the right to state their belief. Indeed, this does little damage to this healing art. Unfortunately, much of the anti-homeopathy press that is encountered today is the result of organized movements created and paid for by allopathic medical associations, Big Pharma (and their billions of dollars) and ignorant "public" organizations such as WHO. These ad hominem attacks on practitioners are often orchestrated NOT to protect the health of people, but rather to protect the $$$ of said companies and organizations.
By definition- homeopathy is CHEAP- this greatly threatens the established patters of greed in said groups and leads to political and legal restrictions on your science. It must be taken seriously or you might wake up one morning and find that what you do--- is banned.

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