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Why Homoeopathy should have to prove anything to Allopathy?

The casualness with which Allopathic medicine constantly claims to have the right to sit in judgment over Homoeopathy is truly amazing! It demands, for instance, that Homoeopathic physicians demonstrate “proof” of
the efficacy of Homoeopathy. Let us ask why Homoeopathy should have to prove
anything to allopathy? Is it so that it may be recognized as one of the natural
sciences? It is a fact that methods used to this effect can “recognize” only
the latter.

What gives Allopathy the right to establish itself as the measure of all there is in medicine? Is it not true that allopathy`s basic concept of man as a physico-chemical body is far from being the only
unquestionably possible approach to healing human beings? On the contrary; does
this concept and the resultant problems, such as the neglect of the human
element through technological intrusions, the iatrogenic damages, etc., not put
the very questioner in question?

Would this be the reason why Homoeopaths need to beg Allopaths for recognition? By using their own respective foundations as a gauge, two sciences so fundamentally different in their basic premises and their
methodology can quite obviously neither recognize nor condemn each other without
overstepping their borders in a very unscientific manner. In this respect, both
sciences stand rather as equals and not as one being subordinate to the other.
This finally needs to be stated unequivocally!

In a free democratic society, it must be possible for naturally evolved sciences such as Homoeopathy, Allopathy and, after all, Philology, Physics and Theology to coexist as unrestricted entities and with all their
various conditions and methodologies.

Editorial in CHQ by Dr KH Gypser M.D., Vol 3, 1990, no 2.

P.S. - Though this editorial appeared 20 years back, the questions asked by Dr Gypser are still as relevant as today.

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Comment by Chiong on March 27, 2010 at 1:32pm
I think allopaths are not asking to be proved that homoeopathy works and do cure. Many of them acknowledged that it does work and that this was due to placebo effect. Allopaths are demanding that homoeopathy use the same scientific methodology that they use to measure their efficacy. This makes as much sense as using a screw driver to hammer in a nail.

Now we know why we have such a screwed up system of allopathic medicine.
Comment by DR. ARINDAM DUTTA on March 17, 2010 at 2:21pm
Dear DKD & others,

One of our fellow members Marilyn Freedman in one of her discussions on the board once defined Homoeopathy as-

"Homeopathy is nanomedicine that restores balance to the Psychological, Neurological, Endocrinological and Immunological axis which controls and regulates all other body systems. That is the holistic nature of our medicine, and the reason that it is without side effects and toxicity."

And she named this 30 seconds explanation as "elevator talk" on homeopathy.

Let the fools be fools & let the “elevator talk” be our signboard. Meanwhile we do our own work instead of fighting.

In our Homoeopathic industry there are several sectors in it which work unitedly. Every sector has separate occupation. Our Homoeopathy stands on Institutions, Teachers, Non-teaching staffs, Hospitals, Hospital staffs, Paramedical staffs, Homoeopathic practitioners, Patients & their families, Diagnostic labs, Private clinics, Medicine manufacturers and overall supervisions of Homoeopathic councils of state & national levels, Governments, etc. If we do our respective duties in a more well arranged & rational way, then I believe, we can prove our supremacy to the medical world. Moreover as homoeopathic practitioners we play the major & vital role, because we serve Homoeopathy directly to the suffering humanity. It will be helpful to the world of science to come forward & prove the “scientificity” of our pathy.

In the past, at the Golden era of Homoeopathy in America, England, & in other parts of the world, we saw Homoeopathy came forward surpassing all existing pathies at that time to prove its superiority only with the help of the hard works of stalwarts and different Homoeopathic organizations. Hats off to the dedications of A.I.H. ( American Institute of Homoeopathy), I.H.A. (International Hahnemannian Association), British Homoeopathic Society, Hahnemannian society of Pennsylvania, New York, etc. Our today's Homoeopathy is based on their hard works and labor. Their efforts regarding the authentic representations of our pathy to the outer world, the statistical evaluations of Homoeopathic success & failure rates in comparison with allopathic results, their strong foothold over Hahnemannian Homoeopathy, Annual publications of Homoeopathic results accumulated from all over the globe, Journals of pure Homoeopathy (Hom. Recorder, B.H.J., J.A.I.H., N.A.J.H., Homoeopathician, Calcutta Journal of Medicine, Homoeopathic Physician,...etc.) and not the least- The Books- which are our textbooks still now.

But in our today's world we are deviating ourselves from Hahnemannian teachings, we are approaching towards poly pharmacies, we are forgetting our aim “treat the patient, not the disease”, and going for pathological approaches, ignoring the patients as individuals, and the most dangerous part is we are publishing certain rubbish books under the name of Homoeopathy. We are heading towards self destruction!!

This is the high time to revert back, let's be more united towards Hahnemannian teachings in accordance with the modern developments of the medical world, let's publish our failures rather than “desk-top made successes” (as BOGER told us), let's make our personal honest successes on a statistical basis, let's publish good HOMOEOPATHIC books for our next generations. I believe, in this way, we can attract the world of science to come forward to prove our scientificity.

We have to be more united, more voicy, more well arranged regarding our skills and attitudes so that the word HOMOEOPATHY be a household word to each and every communities & countries. We are going through a phase of transition, a revolution in which each & every Homoeopaths should take part. We should keep our voices much louder and clearer to the outer world, the Governments of different countries, NGOs, common peoples, our patients, their relatives to attract attention of the world of science to us.

This is the way to repay our mother HOMOEOPATHY, if at all we want to see her on a scientific basis.

Comment by Dr Shikhar Kaushal on March 17, 2010 at 12:39pm
I agree with both of you, gentlemen, i also prefer we should be more engrossed in practising and focussed on learning the intricacies of and developing our own beautiful science / art of healing rather than wasting our energies and precious time on giving explannations to people who don't have anything more creative to do than criticising others. Let more and more cured patients be the living testimony to the efficacy of Homoeopathy.
Comment by Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari on March 15, 2010 at 3:08am
Rightly said, Dr Rafeeque.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 15, 2010 at 1:57am
If you go through the latest editions of Modern medical text books, you can read that the etiology of several diseases as "IDIOPATHIC". They don't know the cause, still they are treating! I have also seen several good modern medical doctors saying in public that they have no medicine for this and that. Moreover, medicines banned in most of the developed countries and still in use in many under developed countries. And now we have a group of iatrogenic diseases caused by modern medical doctors. The side effects of drugs come under another class of diseases. These are the pitfalls of Modern medicine. Therefor, I request the modern medical doctors to utilize their energy and time for the development of their system rather than wasting time to fight against Homeopathy.

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