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Why Homeopathy Is Superior To Any Other System Of Medicine In Combating Diseases

Any substance which is pathogenetic, helps to excite the defense mechanism of human body and cause a disease symptoms. Such as the repeated oral administration of cinchona officinalis or china cause the symptom of fever. Similarly other homeopathic drugs cause various symptoms when applied repeatedly on human subjects. This method of testing medicinal substances on healthy human body is called “proving” in homeopathy.This system of proving was developed by Hahnemann which was not understood by the followers of other systems of medicine. 

To understand this process let us try to explain why the disease symptoms are produced by various natural toxins. We are used to understand that disease symptoms are normally produced by viruses. The viruses excite the immune system to produce disease symptoms to produce various substances called cytokines to generate the right type of antibodies and to invite the killer cells to destroy the viruses.

But why the natural toxins produced the pathogenetic symptoms could not be explained in the light of medical science. Hence the concept of proving drugs on healthy human subjects remained a dilemma to the scientists. But with our knowledge of immunology, we can postulate that the natural toxins caused the B cells to generate the antibodies by mimicking the viruses and invite the T cells to destroy the natural toxins. During this process of war between natural toxins and the B and T cells, the cytokines are produced to generate the disease symptoms.

In case of viral attack, the viruses replicate and increase in numbers and hence the disease symptoms do not die out with time. But in case of natural toxins, the number of attenuated or diluted toxins get destroyed by the B and T cells and disappear with time. During this process of destruction of artificially administrated toxins, the B and T cells destroy the viral toxins present in human body similar in nature to the natural toxins. This killing of viruses take place on the part of the B and T cells by mistake, because this is against the system of immune tolerance due to which the killer cells gave protection to the viruses instead of destroying them as enemies.

This immune tolerance is generated by the prolonged co-existence of the viruses with the members of the defense system i.e. B and T cells. This concept of exciting the immune system by the help of pathogenetic natural toxins to arouse the conscience of the members of the immune system to fulfill their forgotten responsibility of scavenging the internal environment of human body due to their unholy alliance with the enemies.

In order to select the natural toxin to generate the correct type of killer cells, we have to select the natural toxin similar in nature to produce pathogenicity of the existing viruses of the disease, against which the fight is going to be conducted. This method of selecting natural toxins may be called “selection by the method of symptom analogy”, which was developed by Hahnemann without an explanation acceptable by the scientists.

Now with this explanation, we can understand how without knowing the exact chemical nature of the antigenic substances causing any disease, the followers of homeopathy selected natural pathogenetic substances and applied them by oral route which prevented the necrotic effect of freund’s method of immunomodulation due to parenteral administration.

This homeopathic mode of treating diseases helped to use any kind of toxic substances like heavy metals or snake venoms or radioactive substances without causing any damage to the human body. Moreover, the method of attenuation or dilution helped the administered toxin to overcome the barrier of the physiological system and penetrate deep to reach the region from where the immune system is activated. This approach of homeopathy is absent in the existing herbal or ayurvedic system and lacks the capacity of homeopathic medication.

Due to lack of our capacity to explain the curative process of homeopathy by the use of natural diluted toxins, the scientists of modern medicine considered the curative effect of natural toxins as germ killing effect and increased the concentration of alkaloids to increase that capacity. Such as in the use of Rauwolfia Serpentina as anti hypertensive drug, they increased the concentration of the alkaloid reserpine in the drug named Serpasil which caused the effect of mental disorder together with the effect of lowering the blood pressure.

Moreover, they totally abandoned the use of natural toxins and began using steroids which depress the capacity of the bone marrow causing malignant diseases.

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 31, 2012 at 12:21am

Homeopathy is always superior to other therapeutic systems. Still, we homeopaths often feel inferior to Allopaths :(

Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on March 25, 2012 at 11:57pm

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