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supposed to be respectable organisation who is putting different dimensions in the definition of health namely " health must be a complete physical ,mental,emotional,psychological,social well being or whatever...bla bla blaa...."


when that association by himself is discarding a science to be promoted among the masess when it is based on all the set criterias by WHO (the Big_b of health faculty of the world).

BBC in his news , on behalf of WHO when stating that homeopatrhy is not recommended for certain disorders like Infant di... because of lack of evidences that homoeopathy can cure all this, It feels very awkward that such a renowned Channel having the vast sources among the masses of asian countaries especially, where majority of health practice is carried out with homeopathy,could not collect or see the evidences or surveys that millions of people with not only these problems except HIV,are getting treated every day with complete recovery of their illnesses.

Kolkatta ,is a place in india which is home of homoeopathy,mumbai,delhi,punjab,how many states all over the india is required to be listed for the place of evidences in the forms of clinical records and addresses of the patients where the surveying team of these channels on their behalf can visit and see the results of homeopathy.

Ask the masses,make surveys,on media levals,print media,internet,television,.But at least try to get the truth.

BBC and who and lancet ,on behalf of homeopathic world community, "Try to show the truth among the masses DON"T BE THE PUPPET OF SUCH COMPANIES who under the domain of health are doing simply drugging MAKING humanity crippling with all sort of incurable disorders which were previously scarcely visible like
cardiac disorders,
allegies to all sort of things including eatables and clothings too.

Where else you can take the humanity far...all these heroic substances are destroying the vitality and immune system.

BBC, there are evidences clear cut, where steroids,antibiotics,antiseptics,analgesics are killing people literally after being suffered from crippling diseases of hepatic,renal,cardiac and neurological origin ...then why not they be BANNED and WARNED and STOPPED and STOP PRACTICING and STOP PROMOTING.


because they shamelessely said look we are having these side-effects and you people are forcibly made to utilise them because we will never let any other system who is faultless ever grow in human vicinity,if they does we will defame them with the help of media.

It can be very lengthy .....but MEDIA must be responsible enough to distinguish between good and bad coz ultimately they belong to society and one day they will by themselves be under the knife of these people and then no one will be there who can save them except HOMOEOPATHY.

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Comment by Debby Bruck on August 31, 2009 at 4:49am
The problem Dr Mittu is that the media depend on the finances of these large industrial companies to provide their continued commercials and backing to survive. In fact, in today's free information world market, the traditional print media are failing. They are in competition with the new press which is the people speaking. Therefore, they are in need of doing whatever they are told and they use hype and whatever they are fed by these controlling bodies. Only the brave and independent voice would stand out against them. They would need a high moral ground to look within themselves and not be bought out.

We are also living through a time when in the name of 'science' actions are carried out or not. This means they are stuck within a rigid system of parameters that does not allow a different perspective. Although homeopathy IS SCIENTIFIC, at this time humanity is somewhat limited in their ability to prove within the specific very limited parameters of double-blind studies of established medical system. This is because that system is BLIND to looking in a different way of thinking.

They are missing a key component. That is totality of human beings. That means including emotion and life history and the uniqueness of each being.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on August 22, 2009 at 6:06am
The truth cant be buried...

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