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What Is A Tear Jerker? A Penny For Your Thoughts

Change For A Dollar

We call this type of film a "Tear Jerker" for a reason. Either the suffering of the characters, the sad storyline, or the heroes actions touch our hearts so that we respond emotionally. And "tears" may flow from our eyes because of what we recognize within ourselves. These tears may also flow from the opposite emotion of "joy" that we feel because of the compassion in a person's heart to do a good deed for another human soul.


The artistic producer takes us gently through the day in the life of a beggar on the streets. This homeless person becomes animated for us as a worthwhile human being, who touches the lives of others in the deepest way of "giving" from the very little that he temporarily owns in this world, which comes from the goodness of others.


His little cup waits patiently for someone to turn and look his way, make a decision, and give a coin. The film director makes a point of showing us the smallest denomination of money, a penny, can add up to a lot. The worth of this one coin becomes like the commercial for credit cards. We cannot measure the gift given to another human being when we provide "hope" and a "smile." Lending a hand can take many forms. We all need each other to make this world a better place. What have you done today?



We are all here as homeopaths and we view the world quite a bit differently than others without our training. Our investigation into the energy of substances, whether imponderables or solid, living or inorganic, means that we have rubrics running around in our heads like little monkeys. I would love to hear your responses to this short film below and what rubrics popped up in your minds. Or, did you totally forget everything you ever learned, while watching this story without preconceptions, thinking patterns, just being totally absorbed in the plot and characters. 


One person can save the world.


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