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What And How Far Homeopathy Can Help Cancer Patients


  • Each cancer patient is an individual cancer patient.
  • Constitutional remedies goes a long way in treating cancer patient same as with the other diseases, because THE WHOLE MAN IS DISEASED RATHER THAN A PARTICULAR PART.They gives a better response to arrest disease process than medicine selected on the present acute –suffering and pathology.
  • Sometimes more than one remedy are given according to the case according to the signs and symptoms.
  • The cancer patient usually come to us only in terminal stage and there is advanced metastasis or after being operated, chemotherapy and radiotherapy given ,to prevent the recurrence. In the first case little can be done because of advanced pathology except giving relief to the present acute conditions like relief in pain or improving the general condition. In the second case the patient is asymptomatic , no obvious symptoms to select the remedy. In these cases it is very difficult to select a remedy  either because of paucity of symptoms or too advanced pathology.
  • Anti miasmatic remedies has to be given along with constitutional medicines.
  • Patients having Family History of Asthma, Diabetes –Anti sycotic remedy acts very well along with constitutional remedy.
  • Carcinoin plays an important role in treatment even if patient doesn’t give the family history of cancer.

In Post –operative, Post-radiotherapy, Post chemotherapy cases:

  • It helps in combating after effects of Chemotherapy like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite.
  • Preventing recurrence of the cancer.

Cases having advanced pathology, end stage cases, homoeopathy helps in

  • Relieving the pain
  • Improving the quality of life.



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Comment by Carrie Stearns on January 9, 2012 at 6:18am

I am wishing for much more detailed sharing about working with cancer patients in all stages of illness. It is my experience that homeopathy has much to offer both curative and palliative. This article just touches the very surface. I am wishing for much more.

Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on December 30, 2011 at 9:45am

Dear dr Neena Singha

Here is a case:

Patient is in good health now.

Remedies were selected on the symptoms presented.

It is counterproductive to cure to prescribe remedies on anything else than now diesease present symptom picture.

This excludes constitutional or miasmatic prescribing. Remedies given mainly because they belonged to a constitution or miasm have offen failed because of lack of similitude to the now present situation, and in some cases made cases incurable.

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