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What a CHEEK! Campaign Against Homeopathy

What a Cheek!

Campaign against Homeopathy

Dr. M. A. Usmani

A concerted campaign is afoot these days against the validity of homeopathy and homeo-therapeutics. Very naive and bogus objections are concocted to malign and debase homeopathy, with the intention of proving this most popular and successful system of therapeutic as quackery. The exorbitant demand and sale of homeopathic medicines, all over the globe, is threatening to the pharma industry of the dominant school. They have opened their coffers to support and popularize this dastardly campaign.

I’m a veteran practitioner of homeopathy, with 48 years’ practice, and a proud author of an epoch-making book entitled: Homeopathy of Tomorrow, which was launched on 04.03.2016 at Gymkhana Lahore and few days later in New York City by Debby Bruck, the Founder of a great Homeopathic portal: Homeopathy World Community (HWC):

Her inaugurating and introductory speech is accessible on YouTube.

Ridiculous and fake ideas are aired on the internet, in the garb of scientific discoveries, proving that homeopathy is unscientific. Logically speaking these are totally flawed arguments. The matter is not for a priori discussion but a posteriori argumentation—not from theory to practice; but from practical fact to theoretical discovery. My 48 years’ practice is not in vain. Presence of the sun is the proof of the sun. Homeopathic potencies (medicines) diluted far away from the Avogadro’s limitations, work miracles. Your search should start on a posteriori basis: Taking homeopathic medicines as factually working—as they certainly are, and start discovering the reason for their practical working. The truth of homeopathic medicines can be discovered anywhere and anytime. Take a gram of the common table salt (sodium chloride, called in homeopathy ‘Natrum Mur.) and prepare its 30th or 2ooth. potency according to homeopathic pharmacopeia, and start taking one teaspoon every 4 hours for three to four days, and see the result; and then compose a long tale of your Jeremiad - with which only a homeopath can sympathize. You’ll become an initiated person for your remaining life.

Facts are facts; theories should try to explain them, not reject them, or ignore or ridicule them. I’m father of six children, ages from 45 to twenty-seven. None of them was ever inoculated. They flourished on homeopathy. They were invariably treated homeopathically whenever they fell sick. I’ve treated them for upper respiratory infections, measles, whooping cough and typhoid, or whatever diseases they ever had. Now their children are taken care of by me, in all the day-to-day’s complaints. Inoculated? Yes, they are; because it is now a law. They have not tasted any allopathic nostrums. To turn an ill-tempered chap into sweet one requires only one dose of homeopathy, higher than the Avogadro’s numbers. People come to me, from afar and near—leaving the M.D’s of their cities behind, to take these ‘placebo’ doses from me. Their children now look healthier and well adjusted in their family and society and in their schools.

Homeopathic therapeutics is based on sensitivity begotten of idiosyncrasy with the gross ailment. The more symptomatic and idiosyncratic similarity with the patient a medicine has the more the patient will be sensitive to its exhibition, so much so that even the whiff of that agent can suffice to cure him. Large doses can cause unbearable aggravation to the extent of sheer torment. Hence the compulsion of progressive dilution of the medicine: reaching to the extent of imponderabilia.

I do not understand the hue and cry, in unison, by the laity and the scientist alike. There are concrete examples in nature of imponderable but effective quantity. How much personal scent a man has, that his dog can search him even after the laps of hours; and will go through all the tortuous streets through which he had traversed. An ocean of air has moved and blown away during that interval. Similarly in the scriptures we find the story of Prophet Joseph who sent his worn shirt for his blind father, the venerated prophet Jacob. When the brothers of Joseph, carrying the shirt, reached near Canaan, Prophet Jacob said: ‘I smell the fragrance of my Joseph’. How could that be! How would you count Avogadro’s numbers here? The only SECRET is the SENSITIVITY, begotten of love.

So, why homeopathy works, how such dilutions—in which no medicine is practically discoverable, cure diseases? Cure they do, certainly! How? It is your headache to find out, not ours. We know that they cure, without any shade of doubt; have been curing for centuries. A hoax cannot befool people for centuries unless it is faith or religion.

The article should have ended here. But no; I’ve still to make a diagnosis. Homeopathy is here for more than two centuries. Millions of people have served it: many dignitaries and illustrious personalities: among them, doctors, M.D.’s and scientists, clergies, to mention few; many of them were assigned a task by governments of the time to expose the ‘hoax’ of homeopathy. None of them have ever written a single sentence against homeopathy. They were all converted to homeopathy, and became great doctors of homeopathy. Trillions of books have been written on homeopathy, in most languages of the world. What a cheek! Homeopaths and homeopathic pharmacies are instructed that every packing of homeopathic drugs should bear, along the name of the medicine, the epitaph that it is ‘Unscientific Medicine’.

Then another order, (INDEPENDENT: Monday 21 November 2016) saying: “Homeopathy 'treatments' must be labeled to say they do not work, US government orders”.

This prejudicial campaign will fall on deaf ears, as generations of people know what homeopathy is, and why it is being maligned.

But I have a plan for disturbed authorities to let them (if they can!) prove that homeopathy is useless and futile. A concrete experiment can be performed. Choose a public hospital and divide some wards into two parts, a regular treatment ward and the other homeopathic ward. I can offer my services for the latter ward. We can choose Orthopedic Ward, and/or Gastro-intestinal, or any, but non-surgical, wards. Patients will be asked for their preference of treatment, and diligent record will be kept of all the patients for at least 6 months. Comparison will tell how homeopathy fares as compared with regular treatment. This is a spade-a-spade method.

My diagnosis of the whole trouble is that this campaign would never have occurred had there been no patents ever invented or concocted in homeopathy. The confidence of people earned in centuries has been shaken by the preparations of unprincipled patents with the name of diseases. Homeopathy has no medicine with the name of diseases. Any medicine can be used for any disease or malady, according to the strict rules of diagnoses in homeo-therapeutic. I have predicted in my book: HOMEOPATHY OF TOMORROW, as referred above, that this practice will bring bad name to homeopathy and label it as quackery. So, I hereby declare that we homeopaths disown this practice of concocting nostrums with name of diseases, and wherever they are sold government should check them, confiscating the stock, arrest the culprits.

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