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After answering mails and uploading pictures of the last days I left my cozy B&B and walked to the train station through the rustling autumn leaves. In Lelystad I was welcomed by Freddy Vergote, originally trained as pediatrician and homeopath for many, many years. He scheduled a full program of cases, both life and paper, this afternoon and next morning and I was happy to contribute with what I have to offer. In the evening there were guests at the dinner table: homeopaths from the vicinity who wanted to link and share. I’m always happy when people get ideas by talking together and want to take action too; Evelien van de Kamp for instance, who is already very active with HZG (Homeopaths without Borders) left feeling inspired as she said.


The next day I was expected at Anne Matton’s place. She invited colleagues from the vicinity to have an informal talk in the evening about the project. I shouldn’t forget to mention that with my consultation and donations we collected over 1700 euro so far (the score is on my wordpress blog) so far and feel very grateful!

Next day a walk through the wonderful Oostvaardsplassen: a natural reserve that is unique in Europe. Holland is famous for winning land from the sea and this enormous territory is below sea level as well. It is inhabited by red deer, Konik ponies (that look a lot like wild horses), Heck cattle, the white-tailed eagle, the white egret and innumerous ducks, geese and other birds. If it not with the flag of Walk for Homeopathy on the back, we were 4 homeopaths and we were walking, so I guess that counts as well. And at least I discovered a prove of restoration and preservation of nature which is the prove of a new awareness and care for our environment. A hopeful sign in the direction of the world we all want to live in.

In the evening I supervised a life case taking of my hostess in the presence of 4 more enthusiastic homeopaths, putting all their efforts to keep improving their homeopathic skills, for the benefit of their patients.

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