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Doctrine of Vital Force (Organon 5th edition, 1833):  Dr. Hahnemann in 1833 said that the cause/origin of disease could also be a dynamic morbid derangement/disorder/vibratory dys-rhythm of non-material vital force. Vitalism is the metaphysical doctrine that living organisms possess a non-physical bio-energetic self-powered inner inborn force that gives them the property of life. i.e. it maintains the vital operations, sensation and functions in all parts of material body and regulates the body’s self-healing capabilities.


Being invisible and unmeasurable, and recognisable solely by its effect on the organism, it can express itself and reveal its un-tunement only by pathological manifestations in feeling and function in the form of symptoms. The internal (weepiness, irritability) and external (fever, rash, inflammation) symptoms of a disease reflect efforts of the vital force to seek a new equilibrium to sustain homeo-statis, so as to counter infection, or to resist damage from environmental toxins or from various stresses.


The vital force is sustained by a proper balance of nutrients and simultaneously liberated from the burden of toxicity [1]. Homeopathy attempts to strengthen/stimulate/repair this vital force so as to restore balance/order with the help of potentised remedies. The vital force is akin to: chi or qi (chinese medicine), prana (ayurveda medicine), ki (oriental medicine, japan), and energy (conventional medicine).


More about Vital Force Generation and Utilisation here


The 'vital force' was renamed as 'vital principle' by Hahnemann in 6th edition of Organon. The term 'vital principle' was originally coined by Paul-Joseph Barthez (1734-1806)



[1] Homeopathic Medicine for the new millennium, George Vithoulkas

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