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I am a Vet Hom and would love to see more educational seminars and advanced courses for those of us that treat animals.

Just had a case of a Cat 22 years old - had a stroke on the left side - we thought the cat was going to pass away - but after one week the cat has recovered to the point of walking, eating,drinking on her own - she still has some diabilities but they will probably disapear too. When I first saw the cat she was in a deep coma, feet cold,gums white. I gave the Cat first Carb.Veg,then Opium she started to wake up, then Baryta Iod. and last Gelsium for the Paralysis of the front leg. This is just one of many cases that I have helped. I would love to start a clinic for terminal ill animals - if any one wants to help please contact me. I am in Pa. the Poconos. My

website is

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Comment by Ignacio de Jesús Cabrera Larios on June 24, 2010 at 1:23pm
Hello Gisela,

I am very pleased to meet you. I am a veterinarian and I have a diploma in homeopathy. Your comment on laminitis was very interesting, and I am very interested on the use of Silicea. Could you please clarify if you use it for the first stages or even the onset. I repertorized and Silicea is an adecquate medicament for the acute stage at least it what it seems to me, but I would like you to be more precise. Other authors do not mention it except when there is a pus forming founder.

Please be my friend, I have very much to learn from you, and perhaps I will have a chance of teaching you something.
Comment by gisela DiCarlo on June 22, 2010 at 5:07am
Thank you all for your comments. Update for the cat: she is all 'normal' :) eats drinks, sleeps alot - but she is 22 so very old, she wakes at 3-4am and wants to eat - she did yhat before the stroke - very likely her blood sugar goes down and she is hungry - many old entities (people and animals get that type of glucose imbalence with age) but she is great otherwise.
And Ina - I disagree with you animals CAN tell you how they feel we just have to learn their 'language' behavior,body language,different sounds,fur quality,temp,eyes (pupils dilated or closed). That is why people who want to treat animals should at5 least have been living or observing many different animals to learn what is normal and what is not.
Will share another case soon, just been a little busy right now. Building a Chicken Coop - to learn abut Chickens and their behavior - also like the Eggs :)
Comment by Ina Sotirova on June 18, 2010 at 7:09am
dear gisele, thank you for your work :)
i recently had to put a dog i love to sleep because of illness and am happy to know that there r homeopaths specializing in the care of animals. from personal experience i know how much more difficult it can be to read animals homeopathically because unlike people they can't tell you exactly what they feel and think...
Comment by Dr Zubair on June 18, 2010 at 6:33am
i want to share informations about Veterinary treatment in homoeopathy.
Comment by Dr Zubair on June 18, 2010 at 12:26am
it is very imprtant that homoeopaths also treament of other methods
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on June 16, 2010 at 12:12am
May God make your venture successful.
Comment by Debby Bruck on June 11, 2010 at 10:56pm
Dear Gisela - So nice of you to write a blog. We do not hear much from the Veterinarian Homeopaths. There is a Vet Group here, too with plenty of members. You might stimulate a discussion over there.

Did you go to LIGA 2010 this year? There was a full four-day seminar series that was fabulous. I was not able to attend that aspect of the sessions, but you can probably contact the organization for many downloads of the presentations.

I hope you make some contacts here to start your clinic for terminally ill animals.

Please explain how you made each of your remedy selections on the above case. Very interested in the Baryta iodatum [cysts, heat, thirst, hunger, loss of weight?]

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