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Another problem that has not been adequately considered is the fact of administering vaccines containing 3 or more viruses together. For example, the SRP that is administered México, which contains live attenuated virus of measles, rubella and mumps.

Please see the vaccination card:

However, we must consider some circumstances:

Live attenuated virus vaccines: attenuated viruses are used to pass through cell culture and / or animal passage. Genetic alterations are not known in these attenuated virus vaccines, even the complete sequences of wild poliovirus strains used in vaccines are well known. By repeated passages in cell cultures or in animals is selected a viral population with a virulent phenotype, but with the same antigenic profile.

The biggest problem found when using live attenuated virus vaccines is their potential to revert to the virulent phenotype, since the mechanism of attenuation is poorly known. The poliovirus III reverts to virulence: 1 out of every million doses, resulting in paralysis. Other attenuated polioviruses are much more stable, although the reason is unknown. Other vaccines made from attenuated viruses such as measles, mumps and rubella are stable. The ability to reverse or that an attenuated virus can return to its previous state, is one of the reasons why not using the attenuated rabies virus, for the possible mutation to a state of full virulence can cause a fatality.

The new vaccination strategies include recombinant DNA vaccine for viral variants with mutations and deletions known (with attenuated strains produced well defined). But who knows that this recombination can not be taken independently by these live attenuated viruses, once we learned of their potential to reverse his condition "attenuated" in quite lethal. (???)…Who ensures that these viruses can not be combined together to form themselves a new one… What is the possibility?...A new virus even more lethal? …Or in Kent’s words A new carrier with mayor ability to transport disease.

With the above mentioned it is clear that vaccines not only do not have scientific basis and instead of they are providing security, they could be dangerous.

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