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Use of Potentized DNA Post Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Cancer Treatments

Cancer a dreaded disease of the 21st century leaving mankind with pure sufferings , not sparing any age group, genetic race, country boundaries. Is it the disease or the treatment? More or less the treatment! Cancer is caused due to the self triggered oncogene which in itself leads to an imbalance of the self regulatory body, leaving the programed death of the cells in disharmony, an utter imbalance of the milieu interior.

Referring to Lotus materia medica where the use of a potentised DNA can be of great use in restoring the imbalance of various genetic mutations in the cancer body. Following Dr Hahnemann's vision of any force in nature having a capacity of causing a disease when potentised also has a strong potential to cure it.

In this case it is the default oncogene causing the disease, potentisation of this genetic material can certainly restore the imbalanced DNA in the body. One of its prime importance lays post chemotherapy and radiotherapy where the patent faces a dreaded killing of ones cells normal and abnormal leading to severe side-effects, use of DNA in a potentised form in a lower potency given frequently was of a great beneficial to my patients. Patients felt the same energy level as before, could tolerate the chemotherapy much better as compared to before, restorations of normal physiological functions was much faster, psychologically the patients were more receptive to all kinds of treatment with a very positive outlook.

A deep constitutional medicine thereafter can have a better vital force to work with and can be a channel for the cure of this dreaded disease.

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Comment by Debby Bruck on May 23, 2010 at 3:13am
You may be interested in posting your evidence-based reports on cancer treatments in the Cancer Homeopathy Group. Click ADD A DISCUSSION. Usually the BLOGS are for personal thoughts.
Comment by Dr Ajay Yadav on May 23, 2010 at 2:39am
hi sir really appreciate your work .i was thinking to attend saifee hospital your seminar but cund able to attend it,infact i was thinking to present my work on skin disease on CME, hope to see u soon
dr ajay
Comment by Dr Ravi Doctor on May 22, 2010 at 3:13pm
Hello Dr , its a pleasure to know u as few of my patients have taken yr advice , guess u r from pune, i wld be very glad to form a team as there are very few homeopathic doctors working in the field of Oncology.I have setup a department of Homeopathy and oncology in one of the the prestigious hospitals in Mumbai called the Saifee hospital, I wld be very glad to share my experiences with you and also take feedbacks from your side, have a good weekend.i am planning to present a little bit of my work in the Baroda HMAI to be held in July, why dont you also be a part and present a paper or share your experience there.
Comment by Dr Deshpande Shailesh Ramchandra on May 22, 2010 at 7:21am
Hallo dr. an excellent advise. I am dr shailesh Deshpande working on Homoeopathic oncology since 20 yrs and am trying to build a team of experienced homoeopaths working in the field of oncology so that we can prepare statistics, guidelines for research etc together. Also we can arrange presentations of each other in and out the country so that we can share our views. Hoping to receive your co operation. Please visit my web site
dr shailesh deshpande

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