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Use Of Our Homeopathic Medicines in Malaria Cases

There has been lot of concern shown about use of Homeopathic remedies in Malaria cases. 

There have been many cases here where P. Vivax cases were brought directly in for Homeopathic Care. Many cases had Hepatosplenomegaly [HSM - the simultaneous enlargement of both the liver (hepatomegaly) and the spleen (splenomegaly)] and regular high temperature received Allopathic treatment, which were successfully cured by the homeopathic specific remedies.

Now before issuing a warning to all people round world, why did not W.H.O. ever question the number of cases where their so-called anti-malarial medicines failed as totally ineffective?  What would they advise that people do and what conclusion they will arrive if the same case was treated successfully by Homeopathy?

Why don't they research the successes of homeopathy? They have resistance to try homeopathy since they consider it only a placebo.  They need to test the homeopathic effect versus the  dangerous side effects of modern drugs and resulting iatrogenic disease. More warnings must be made public. 

One single Modern Drug can cost life. 

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Comment by Dr. Natvar Pansuria on July 14, 2010 at 3:12am

Yes, Dr. Piyush Kumar. You are right. In our town of Gujarat, we get lots of cases of Malaria especially P. vivex & p. falciperum. I am treating many cases of Malaria, who were taking allopathic treatment, for a long time. After giving one or two doses of homoeopathic remedy, they never return, because they are cured from Malaria. I am practicing in rural area.

Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on July 13, 2010 at 12:06am

I have read somewhere (I guess the Homeopathic Heritage) that Artemisia vulgaris has anti-malarial properties like Cinchona. Can anybody try this drug in lower potencies? Here in Kerala, we don't usually get Malaria cases.

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