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As one hear this words....automatically every individual Doctors mind is filled with Disease pictures and also its possible remedies.

Description of the complaints....
Due to,
Along with.....

Constitution,Never well since, Bad effect of ...and many more aspects.

Isnt it.....

Well with many mind still wondering exactly How our small pills work?.....

I had one patient....He suffered from urticaria....from 10 long years.....

He had received the best Modern treatments.....with no result whatsoever....

Dermatologist explained ...what the problem is.....all investigations were done.....and long term treatment done....

So the person...suffering from Urticaria...and being disheartened....How he is going to believe in the one pill of Sulphur 0/1 dissolved in cup of water and to be taken three times a day...and wait for result.

Why Sulphur?

Urticaria after taking curd........

What Happenned?

He was cured of urticaria....

even after eating curd it does not happen.

Really it let me to think....How it works....sorry i dont know.....Mr Randi the skeptic.....why dont you come and find out ....for yourself.....

Then there was second case also of Urticaria cured by Now this time by Sulphur 30....five dose only....

This time It was female aged 29 she developed urticaria,,,again modern medicine didnt worked for her....

she had urticaria after bath....

Homeopathy is wonderful phenomenon.....and can be ignored for a while but cannot be denied.

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Comment by DR. Sushil Bahl on July 3, 2010 at 1:58pm
Hi, Piyush, it is quite delighting to see the results, like these, where ten years old case of Urticaria was cured,with a single homeopathic medicine, where as conventional dermatologist failed.

So long we provide convincing results to the public, we will continue contributing to the popularity of Homeopathy.

Ultimately, these are not arguments in favor or against which will win, these are our results, which must convince many to subscribe to Homeopathy.
Comment by Debby Bruck on July 3, 2010 at 8:57pm
Dear Sushil. I enjoy your enthusiasm and the mystery behind, "how can this work" of the small doses? Please tell what rubric you found worse after curd? Is that milk or cheese? Anything else that brought you to the remedy in each case?
Comment by Dr Piyush Kumar on July 3, 2010 at 11:02pm
Dear Dr Sushil,

You are right...its the result that convinces many to subscribe to Homeopathy....not the arguments.

what i have written is a day to day clinical event..........urticaria....every practitioner can tell how they cured...a TYPE of urticaria...

i remember...Rhus tox ,Syphilinum Apis, Hep sulph urticaria too.....from mine past clinical experience.

I mentioned only two of the case.......where modern medicine failed..and our worked.

Why it worked and why modern drugs failed?

How can any country...ban Homoeopathic medicines.....a very simple conclusion...Medical politics...Pharmaceutical politics.....

If you are unable to find the exact mechanism....but still observe the it wise to say...oh it Placebo effect.........

Thats quiet a good way to hide your failure....
Comment by Dr Piyush Kumar on July 3, 2010 at 11:27pm
Dear Debby,

Let me share a clinical experience of of the master Prescriber...Dr S R Phatak....In the book Clinical experience....He illustrates the case of Sugarcane allergy...which he cured by Arsenic alb....He tells that another case came to him his mind he had added rubric...sugarcane agg..Ars...He prescribed it straightway...and it cured..

There are many reasons to prescribe...a remedy.

Concerning the selection of remedy in these two case...It was not constitutional way of prescribing or mentals,or past history...but it was simple INTERPRETATION...conversion of the rubric form....agg after bath or agg after curd...

A single remedy ........any ...and list of cases cured by them..(by self) really something to be remembered and shared....
Comment by Dr. Natvar Pansuria on July 5, 2010 at 2:31am
Dear Dr. Piyush Kumar
This is good to give this type of cases & we inspire something from u , but the case shoud be in detail or there should be some firm explanation about the picture of pt. or Remedy to select. Otherwise u have used it as specific & it will not act every where where ever there is agg. curds or bath......
Comment by Dr Piyush Kumar on July 5, 2010 at 1:58pm
Dear Dr .Natvar Pansuria,

Thanks for inspiring words. For identical set of symptoms identical medicine.....specific remedy for specific symptoms.....similar remedy for similar symptom...

sometime or i must say is not in detail.....

For example...(Real speculation whatsoever)

A Patient comes to you...and have following description of the Suffering,uneasiness,complaints,........concerns etc

"I am my heart is trembling....i feeling very weak,i have insomnia, something about cough....

on examination pt has fever 101 f ,pulse 160/min and irregular ;resp rate...20/min...

patient is concerned with his /her c/o.

and Doctor Knows his /Her vital force is ....its out of balance....sorry....its better to think of vitality here...Tachycardia....which may develop into ...lot of complication..and give specific remedy than to...worry about complete pic of remedy/....

Hope you understand my point of view.
Comment by Dr Rashmi Chanana on July 7, 2010 at 8:44am
plz tell us in detail abt wat remedies r to be prescribed 4 urticaria in different type of allergies and how 2 detect that particular food allergy
is there any method
Comment by Dr Piyush Kumar on July 7, 2010 at 1:11pm
Dear Dr Rashmi,

As everyone is aware of we can prescribe remedy from A to Z in any complaint if symptoms agree.....

We can prescribe remedy which covers most of the symptoms especially peculiar one.

We can prescribe Apis if the Urticaria is relived by cold and agg by heat...or Ars if urticaria is relieved by heat and agg by cold.....

It Depends all on the presenting c/o,modalities,concomitants,cause,peculiar mentals....etc...

There are many rubrics given in our repertory regarding agg from particular food....

Food allergy....a particular food may cause...or produce varity of complaint..if one is allergic to it...ranging manifestation to mental sphere....

So proper History taking and proper Physical examination plus inv are important...

There are many test suggested Patch test can Google to see more links...but History is most important and reliable..

Some specific allergies....Dust allergy...Pothos

Allergic Rhinitis...Sabadilla

But know whole MM should be in our mind....or repertory should be taken help of..

Thanks for your interest and request.We must also wait for many other seniors giving their experience regarding this topic.

Thanks and Regard

Comment by Dr Rashmi Chanana on July 7, 2010 at 11:31pm
what about snack allergy like kurkure n lays consumed by kids . wat medicine shud be given
Comment by Dr Rashmi Chanana on July 7, 2010 at 11:34pm
cud u plz tell us abt the potency and repetition


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