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You are really a home loving and nature loving without any apathy in your mind and spirit and the word homoeopathy suits YOU the most since your awareness to unite people and find out a unique system without compromising the legendary and life savings ideas of DR.Hahneeman's spirit of miasmatic background and Boenninghausans methodology of location, sensation,modalities and concomitant and Kents's essence of prescription(mind,general, and particular) and bring out the a new lucid and easy concept which should not only palliate for any given disease instantaneously but later the same remedy and some remedies,if need be,should effect a complete cure and only then the art of Homoeopathy will find its premier place in this earth.This is a face savings situation( like launching a cure for swine flu) and unless we Unite our hard earned expertise and forge our Unison entirely dissolving the differences in the schools of thought,the rigid prescribing method, the selection of the remedies,the age old war about potency selection,and so on and on thus evolving a methodology which is much more viable,practical and easily affordable system very much better than the old school medicines either in effecting immediate relief and progressing towards complete cure else our survival will be only with the very few Blessed homoeopathic experts depriving the major lot and also its very faithful followers of the system and for this we should gather our strength in a most amicable and unbiased way and bring Glory to Homoeopathy and let us wait for the day of dawn and as Dr. Hahnemaan said"indolence,love of ease and obstinacy preclude effective service at the alter of truth and only freedom free prejudice and untiring zeal qualify for the most sacred of all human occupations the practice of true system of Medicine.The Physician who enters on his work in this spirit becomes directly assimilated to the Divine Creator of the world,whose human creatures he helps to preserve and whose approval renders him thrice Blessed. Let us Get United for the cause of humanity with humility for HOMOEOPATHY.My idea of United Strength is the important one and do forgive me for my expression/s in English.


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Comment by Debby Bruck on June 9, 2009 at 11:14pm
Raghaven - you now have many more members on HWC to introduce yourself! LOL. We are slowly growing and everyone should know of your hospitality and great welcome.
Comment by Debby Bruck on May 3, 2009 at 1:53pm
Dear Sampath ~ you have said it all. 1) We come from a loving spirit 2) we must start from a place unbiased, non-judgmental 3) homeopathy is truth 4) given to humanity by G-d through the material world for us to use for healing mind, body and spirit 5) each person and school comes as 'part' of the elephant story from where they observe and touch the whole 6) when we come together as a unit and hear everyone's story we can picture the entire entity that is homeopathy 7) each person, healer and school does good work 8) as a united front in our thoughts, speech and action we bring this message to the world. 9) G-d only wants to see the light in each of us - acceptance, love, compassion, caring, & healing of others 10) This is not easy and we must confront many things in ourselves to move forward to find our own truth and humanity. There are many supporting energy fields in addition to homeopathy such as herbs, meditation, prayer, breathwork, movement, song, dance, yoga, massage, etc and joy.

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