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Thought Of Writing A Poem On Dr Hahnemann On Behalf Of His Birthday

I wrote a poem on Dr Hahnemann in Telugu language on October 26th, 1990

Today (April 10th, 2012) I translated it into English.


Note: Sincere request to all poets/authors, please bear with my poor English.


I am dedicating this poem to Debby.


“Namasthe to the great legend Dr Samuel Hahnemann

Happy Birthday to you!

Your knowledge is like sky – boundless, spacious and vast

Bless me with a tiny bit of your knowledge & wisdom

You became originator of Homeopathy- a new system of medicine

You are an example to present and future doctors

An eye opener to many orthodox and skeptics

Made humongous scientific research and experiments on humans

With four days of sleepless nights in a week.

Your intelligence, determination, generous heart are admirable

Your parents are fortunate to give birth to you

Your country is proud of you.

This world remembers all your unforgettable deeds

Proved Homeopathy is not only for physical conditions

But heals person as a whole

Homeopathy is not like "Neti Beerakaya"

Which is bland but

It’s like having "Amla" right in the palm

Yummy and medicinally useful

Reminding this Indian Proverb-

When a person was asked to pick one – Either “Mom” or “Food”

Quick vote would be for “Food” as it fulfils your hunger

Homeopathy is like a “Mom” nurtures you unconditionally

I am not Srinadhudu to write "Chatuvulu"

Nor Sant Kavi Surdas to write a poem on you

I am just a common man but proud to be a Homeopath and

If I have rebirth – I would like to be born like a flower that can touch your feet.”





  • Dr Hahnemann parents: Father-Christian Godfried Hahnemann & Mother - Johanna Christeana Speiss
  • His country/birth place: Meissen, a little town on the banks of the river Elbe, near Dresden in West Germany
  • Srinadhudu, is 14th century born poet with immense caliber. Just like Mozart (as shown in "Amadeus")
  • Surdas (Sant Kavi Surdas) was a 15th century blind saint, poet and musician, known for his devotional songs dedicated to Lord Krishna. Surdas is said to have written and composed a hundred thousand songs in his magnum opus the 'Sur Sagar' (Ocean of Melody), out of which only about 8,000 are extant. He is considered a saint and so also known as Sant Surdas, a name which literally means the "slave of melody".
  • Namasthe: Greetings
  • Neti Beerakaya: Silk Squash
  • Amla: Indian gooseberry
  • Chatuvulu: Sort of poems
  • Flower touching feet: In Indian tradition flowers are offered to god to receive god’s blessing.


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Comment by Kavitha Kukunoor on April 30, 2012 at 11:46pm

Dear Debby: Thank you for the complements. I am glad you liked it. The feeling I had for Dr Hahnemann in 1990 (ofcourse until now) is Immense gratitude as he founded homeopathy.  Now in the present world, I wanted to show the same gratitude to the founder of HWC (YOU) for bringing all homeopaths together and enhancing homeopathy world wide.

Dear Rafeeque:  I like your advise, hope that day comes (writing materia medica in a poetic style). Thanks.

Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on April 19, 2012 at 12:20am

Thanks for the poem.

I suggest you to write a materia medica in a poetic style - An easy way to remember the drug picture.

Comment by Debby Bruck on April 11, 2012 at 11:04pm

Dear Kavitha ~ I'm so honored to receive this poetry gift from you this week. Together we fly and spread our wings, planting seeds to seekers, helping our fellow homeopaths on the journey, giving hope and teaching about homeopathy. Love, Debby

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