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Creating Waves of Awareness

Just as the silence in between the thoughts and the rest in between the breaths, the in-between  periods of the Walk are as important to awareness.  Besides having time to be with my loved ones, to see patients and evaluate the students’ final exams, it’s an opportunity to process thoughts and experiences of the previous time.

In my last book “Homeopathy: Strange, Rare and Peculiar” I explained that three components are essential for a healing setting: a patient, a practitioner and a remedy and all three have to meet some requirements. The basic line is that the patient should have the intention to be cured and should be curable, the remedy needs to be appropriate and given at the right time in the right potency and frequency and the practitioner should have the intention to heal and knowledge of the method. There’s more to say about all this and details are worked out in the last chapter of the above mentioned book. Now I think I might have underestimated some conditions on the part of the healer. A homeopathy with the intention to heal, knowledge and ambition will surely produce results. He’ll master the science of homeopathy but in order to master the art, something extra is needed and I’m in the process of defining it. It’s about the difference between a good technician and a real artist. The majority of people may not be able to discriminate between the two but that doesn’t make it less real.

Since my intuition came into play in determining a similimum some 4 years ago, I created a workshop called Bridge the Gap. Interested and devoted homeopaths work hard to do what the name of the workshop stands for. With method and common sense, we come a long way but often intuition only leads to the final choice of the remedy.

So the crucial question is: is it possible to acquire this intuition?  I’ve always been very reluctant to even discuss this aspect in homeopathic training because it is uncontrollable and it leads to a lot of nonsense and new age babble. I feel a dislike for ‘anything goes’ approaches or the sloppy and random use of all kinds of vague and undefined concepts. It makes a sensible conversation impossible. Needless to stress the irony of the fact that intuition entered so boldly and undeniable in my life but I’m prepared to take the challenge to at least try to find out and formulate the dynamics and rules behind it.

 I feel it is asked from me now to bring my footing, homework and preparation a bit more in the open, what I’ll do reluctantly, but when it is needed to help others in their training, it will serve a good purpose.
What I came to understand is that the gap can be bridged halfway by expanding our knowledge and the other half of the bridge is… us, homeopaths.

Last week holidays started and we picked a sunny day for replastering the country house.
And the last day before taking off to Edinburg the family came for picking strawberries, raspberries and red currents that grow so abundantly in the garden.

My oldest granddaughter Aster came to stay the night before the flight and the youngest, Allix is taking her first steps on her own little legs…..


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