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As a matter of fact we are living at the bottom of a sea full of bacterias and viruses, but our vital force takes care of us in such a manner that it protects us nicely. the bacterias and the viruses can only invade and attack the vital force under certain condition deviating the processes of life and causing illness. The man is himself responsible for all the menace. He for the sake of his own personal gain destroying the balance/equilibrium of the nature and creating havoc for himself and the creation of GOD.

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Comment by Shailendra Kumar Mamgain on October 12, 2009 at 12:49pm
In the living Organism so long as the vital force or the life energy (the Dynamis or the Autocracy as Hahnemann termed it) remains intact in the Organism constantly protects it from all its might from general destruction. If some destructive process somehow commences in the Organism the vital force through its protective powers keeps the destructive process such as ulcers, sinuses, caries, necrosis and malignancies localized. The live processes in all other parts of the Organism continue as usual in natural manner; although the suffering individual feels various troublesome sensations and symptoms. These sensations and feelings are in fact the signals are like SOS relayed by the vital force. On one side these signals warn the individual to protect the suffering localized part from external influences and on the other side guide the homoeopathic physician to work out the indicated dynamic help (remedy) for the sufferer so the with the help of such a remedy the vital force itself could become able to overcome the malady and restore the normal health again. In case of sudden death of even a healthy person the whole Organism starts decaying with in a few hours whereas the living organism with a decaying ailment localized by the vital force continue to live for years. For example I know a patient who has been suffering from cancerous ulcer on his nose; it gradually ate in major part of the nose, at this stage he got surgery done at one post-graduate medical institute. There the necrosed part was removed and the nose was recreated by taking skin from his forehead. After some time the cancer again appeared at the old site and after all efforts the cancer went on destroying the major part of his nose and half of his hard palate. He used to feel swelling in the remaining gums with formation of worms which was a very distressing condition. Very offensive odor was emitting from the necrosed part in spite of hospital treatment. Still the patient is alive and he has all the faculties of a living man. His vital force is retaining his whole body in order and keeping the disease localized. After the use of Ocimum sanctum 30 the offensive odor has very much reduced, no swelling has taken place during the past three months and no worm formed in the diseased part either. It is the wonderful protecting power of the vital force that keeps the whole disease localized and keeping all other parts of the Organism in order.
Comment by Debby Bruck on October 11, 2009 at 1:28pm
Dear Dr Shailendra ~ I am looking forward to more articles from you. Please add comments directly in the same blog post under previous comments. There is a window box that says, "ADD A COMMENT". Start a whole new FORUM discussion by clicking FORUM TAB at top of the screen. Then select the Category for the discussion. Use your BLOG to create new personal stories.

Have a beautiful day
Comment by Debby Bruck on October 10, 2009 at 5:30pm
Thank you for these thoughts Shailendra. We must always remember our origin, our vital force, our own power to heal. Since the birth of mankind, outside forces, whether they are bacteria, virus, toxic minerals, plants, animals and nature [hurricane, tornado, fire, etc] have been part of our existence. What is our individual perception of self, life and interaction with our environment?

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