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The utility of ‘Images’ in clinical diagnosis.

The subjects taught in medical schools can be classified in to pre-clinical, para- clinical and clinical subjects. Among these subjects, the study of clinical subjects like Surgery, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Medicine etc. include direct interaction with the patients. Pictures are very essential for the study of pre clinical subjects like Anatomy and Physiology and para clinical subjects like Pathology, Parasitology and Microbiology. During the training in a medical school, we may not be able to see each and every disease or clinical condition or a pathological lesion taught in the theory classes. Of course, the pictures given in the textbooks and colored atlas are useful, but may not provide the picture of some rare diseases or conditions.

Here comes the importance of “Images” in search engines like google, yahoo etc.
Suppose you want to see the photograph of Impetigo. Go to or and click the images icon on top. Click impetigo in the space provided and you will get a number of images of impetigo. Similarly, you can differentiate various types of psoriasis such as guttate, classical, pustular, exfoliative etc. Suppose you want to know "Swan neck deformity", a sign in Rheumatoid arthritis, the Images will provide the same. There are a number of signs and syndromes in medicine. You can watch all these in Images. You can also refer the pictures of different drug sources in Homeopathy and the pictures of our pioneers and contemporary homoeopaths.

So friends, whenever you are in confusion, utilize the “images” for a better appreciation of health related pictures.

(Always remember: The use of pictures for printing/publishing is illegal without the permission of the owner of copyright)

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque, BHMS.
Family Homoeopathic Clinic

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