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The Strength of Numbers. Standing up and being Counted.

A comment was left in the New York times about a flu article. Comments are filed and people go to them and recommend them so that the one most recommended will appear first when a reader goes to comments. Articles sometimes have 20 or 30 pages of comments. If we want to make a difference and be noticed we should put comments on all Flu articles in papers like the Times and then members should take the minute to recommend the comment. Our comment was the 83rd and now it is on page 5 as we have 6 recommends. There are over 10 pages of comments.

Debbie posted a note on our main page right side and it read

Recommend Comment #83 on New York Times Article please. You may have to register

I belong to New York Times and it is free. I get the paper every morning.

On our main page I just hit the Article 83 button and that took me right to the NYTimes comment page and I found comment #83 on page 5 with 6 recommends (they are not in numerical order but in recommended order). It would be on page 1 at the top if 10 people more ticked the recommend. It moves up as more people tick. Get cracking guys.

I think some things would help us reach marks where we can show strength.

We might have a Challenge Banner on the top of our main page every day.

This New York times comment #83 would be a perfect one.
Every time the challenge button on our banner is pressed by a member it raises the number on the banner and sends the member to do what is required to answer the challenge. The banner could also add the name of the member who answered the challenge if that is possible.

Lets have some fun and set some goals and see our progress in front of our eyes.

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