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Is this really true? I mean, could this possibly happen at this day and age?
I pondered for a moment....of course it IS possible because it´s this day and age.

The FDA is banning the sale of pyridoxin (vitamin B6) to consumers because a pharmaceutical company who has spent millions of dollars has produced a drug which contains pyridoxin and had asked the FDA to make other suppliers stop the sale of the vital vitamin B6.
Whats their arguement? The company has spent millions of dollars in researching a drug and should therefore be able to solely reap the benefits. Even though the main chemical in the drug is a well known vitamin and it is found in many of natures bounties., will they also put an injunction on avocadoes and other fruits?

For a long time it seems that people have been following like sheeps (no pun intended, just a lack of a better anology) and I think it´s time we stand up and say no!!!
Who gives them the right to ban human beings from the things that we need to sustain ourselves.

How long until they will ban the other vitamins, because the have a good effect on us (really?) and put them in drugs containing not so wise a combination of illegal and unmoral lab produced pills.
So people will not be able to top up on their mighty minerals and vital vitamins.

I simply ask, hasn´t the time come for us to stop following and start leading?

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Comment by Bente Ødegård on July 5, 2009 at 11:37am
Thanks Dagny for sharing this! Hopefully the mass of people will soon open their eyes and see this madness that is taking place due to the greed of pharmaceutical companies...
Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on July 5, 2009 at 6:34pm
more on the greed/politics/manipulation ,corruption of allopathic big pharma here via link


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