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Thursday, the three of us took the bus to Faaborg, a nice little town where we visited the museum and the city center. Although it was in the middle of the week and school started already, the atmosphere was very relaxed. People were sitting on the terraces enjoying a cup of coffee in the sun. Walking with a detailed map of the area we still managed to walk in circles in the woods, but no panic: the agreement was that Lone would pick us up with the car somewhere along the road. She would take us to her camping place where we could stay for the night in one of the wooden houses, with view of the sea.  Again we enjoyed a very warm welcome and a great meal outside in the summer evening. For those considering going on a walk, I have to say: this is one of the great extra bonuses of it! Lone showed the video of what homeopathy and especially the CEASE therapy (in her case the DI-T-Per vaccine in potencies) did for her ADHD son: nothing short of a miracle. If we were only allowed to help all those suffering children, desperate parents and teachers out there!

The day after, she took us to a meeting place where Charlotte, her daughter, a friend and a colleague Sibyl waited for us. It seems to be a good Danish tradition to have picnics whenever there is a chance, so when we had a break all kinds of food appeared: bread and buns, chocolate cakes, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, nuts, fruits and tea. As if they knew how fond I am on picnics.

In the late afternoon it was time for work: Michal gave an excellent introduction into her plant system. I heard it a few times but it becomes better the more I hear it. One of her interesting ideas is that we arrived at the end of the sixth column in the plant table: the Asterales. In her system the columns represent the development from the oneness of the feminine aspect in column one to the ego and uniqueness of the masculine aspect in column six. There we are aware of being special, separated individuals and now we can only guess what the next stage will be. It is not yet developed in the plant kingdom but in analogy with the 7 days of creation there should be a 7th stage. We can imagine it is a return to the oneness while keeping the uniqueness: the awareness we are all one, hence we can’t hurt the other because then we hurt ourselves, but at the same time we will keep our individuality. This means we are not going back to the rules and traditions of the group as we used to. The social fabric that is lost should be restored by the awareness and responsibility of oneness, not because dependency and social control require it.

As the seminar was cancelled in Copenhagen we did live cases on Saturday and Sunday. It is always an opportunity for me to explain my approach, for the homeopaths attending to learn something about anamnesis and new remedies and the patient to get his similimum. You could call it a win-win-win situation.

After that Charlotte Yde took me to Jutland where she scheduled a hike on and near the Haerveje, a pilgrim’s path going from north to south aver about 200 km. Of course and I would say unfortunately we couldn’t do it all the way: time was too short. The weather was warm, dry and sunny; needless to say again it was exceptional! Actually people who wanted to have a great hiking experience in the past year couldn’t have done better than join me on the Walk. We got to know each other better as we were walking and talking. It was again one of those encounters which made the Walk such an inspiring journey.   I left her with the feeling I’d be back to walk the Haervej all the way and we’ll meet again.

Back in Copenhagen I had another quick city trip with a visit to the Sea mermaid before spending the last again great evening dinner with Jeannette, who came with me to wave me goodbye as I stepped on the train to the airport and back home.

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